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Faculty: Applied Arts
Program: interior design and furniture
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 40
[IDF 3104] Administrative facility design
[IDF 3104] Administrative facility design
[IDF 1115] Allocates executive
[IDF 3115] Allocates executive
[IDF 2115] Allocates executive
[IDF 2117] Architectural drawing
[IDF 1117] Architectural drawing
[IDF 3118] Architecture
[IDF 4119] Bachelor project
[IDF 1107] Cladding walls technology
[IDF 2103] Commercial facility design
[IDF 2103] Commercial facility design
[IDF 4109] Components furniture and interior design technology
[IDF 2403] Computer (Specialist)
[IDF 4116] Department of interior design
[IDF 2202] Environmental control systems (conditioning and ventilation)
[IDF 1201] Environmental control systems (lighting)
[IDF 2108] Floors and ceiling technology
[IDF 2106] Furniture design
[IDF 1106] Furniture design
[IDF 2106] Furniture design
[IDF 3106] Furniture production technology
[IDF 1111] Geometric perspective
[IDF 4112] History of Interior Design and Furniture (modern) (4)
[IDF 1112] History of interior design and furniture(ancient Egyptian)a
[IDF 3112] History of interior design and furniture(EU)
[IDF 2112] History of interior design and furniture(Islamic)
[IDF 1101] Interior design basics
[IDF 4106] Interior design ores technology
[IDF 3109] Ores furniture technology
[IDF 1102] Residential facility design
[IDF 1102] Residential facility design
[IDF 3114] Specifications and contracts and interior design costs
[IDF 3202] Systems environmental control(audio)
[IDF 2206] Theatre and television decoration "specialist"
[IDF 1206] Theatre and television decoration(specialist)
[IDF 1204] Theories color in interior design and furniture (1)
[IDF 2204] Theories color in interior design and furniture (2)
[IDF 2113] Theories interior
[IDF 4105] Tourism facility design