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Faculty: Law
Program: Law
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 40
[PUPL 4105] Administrative contracts
[PUPL 3208] Administrative Judiciary
[PUPL 2103] Administrative Law
[COML 4101] Air and Maritime law
[CIVL 3206] Civil law (named contract)
[CIVL 2104] Civil law (obligations theory 1-2)
[CIVL 4102] Civil law (real rights and personal insurance)
[PROL 3102] Civil& commercial procedures and Evidence
[COML 3207] Commercial law
[COML 4207] Commercial Law
[PROL 4209] Compulsory Execution
[CRIL 4103] Criminal Procedural Law
[CRIL 1208] Criminology and punishment
[GENT 4104] Environmental legislations
[PHHL 2102] History of law
[PHHL 1207] history of social and legal systems
[PUIL 1103] International organizations
[PRIL 4208] International Private Law
[CIVL 1102] Introduction to Legal Science
[GENT 3105] Legal study (in English or French)
[GENT 4210] Legal Study (in English or French)
[GENT 2209] legal terms (in English)
[GENT 1206] legal terms (in English)
[CRIL 3104] Penal law (private section)
[CRIL 2101] Penal law (public section)
[CIVL 2105] Personal status of non-Muslims
[ICOF 2208] Political Economy
[PUPL 1205] Political systems and constitutional law
[GENP 3210] Practical training
[GENP 2210] Practical training
[GENP 1209] Practical training
[GENP 4211] Practical training
[ECOF 1104] Principles of Economics
[ICOF 3209] Public Finance and Tax legislation
[PUIL 2206] Public International Law
[SHAR 1101] Sharia
[SHAR 3101] Sharia
[SHAR 2207] Sharia
[SHAR 4206] Sharia
[CIVL 3103] the Labor Law and social Insurance