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Faculty: Arts
Program: Information (Radio & TV.)
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 48
[RADI 3234] Administration of radio and television institutions
[RADI 3129] Applied Statistics in the field of information
[RADI 4243] Arab and international radio stations
[ARAB 1101] Arabic language (Grammar and syntax)
[INFO 2220] Developmental Information
[RADI 4246] Documentary film
[ENGL 1106] Foreign Language
[RADI 4248] Graduation Project
[INFO 1212] Information and Human Rights
[INFO 2116] Information and International Relations
[INFO 2118] Information Documentation
[RADI 4137] Information ethics
[INFO 2117] Information legislation
[INFO 2221] Information texts in a foreign language
[INFO 2222] Information Theories
[INFO 1209] Informational translation (1)
[INFO 2115] Informational translation (2)
[INFO 1103] Introduction to Broadcasting
[INFO 1102] Introduction to journalism
[INFO 1210] Introduction to Politics
[INFO 1208] Introduction to Public Relations
[INFO 2219] Introduction to the Media Technology
[ARAB 2114] Literary Criticism
[RADI 3125] Media and public opinion
[HIST 1211] Modern and Contemporary Egyptian History
[RADI 3231] News programs
[INFO 2113] News sources
[HIST 2224] Political geography
[INFO 1105] Principles of Economics
[RADI 3233] Programs production for radio and television
[INFO 1104] Psychological introduction to Information
[RADI 4244] Radio and television advertising
[RADI 4139] Radio and television directing
[RADI 3128] Radio and television drama
[RADI 4142] Radio and television montage
[RADI 4141] Radio and television planning
[RADI 3235] Radio and television technology
[RADI 3236] Radio and television training
[RADI 3130] Radio and television translation
[RADI 4247] Radio texts in a foreign language
[RADI 3232] Regional radio stations and channels
[RADI 3127] Research Methods
[RADI 3126] Specialized radio stations and channels
[RADI 4140] Specialized research
[INFO 1207] The emergence of the media and its development
[INFO 2223] Theories of media protocol and etiquette
[RADI 4245] TV. Filming
[RADI 4138] Writing for Radio and Television