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Faculty: Agriculture
Program: Agricultural Biochemistry
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 51
[602 CHE] Agricultural Biochemistry
[605 CHE] Alkaloids
[302 CHE] Analytical chemistry
[405 CHE] Analytical Chemistry (Instruments)
[601 CHE] Analytical chemistry advanced
[701 CHE] Analytical chemistry and Instruments
[406 CHE] Applied Biochemistry
[202 CHE] Biochemistry
[708 CHE] Biochemistry of blood and biofluids
[706 CHE] Bioenergetics chemistry
[321 CHE] Bioenergetics chemistry
[426 CHE] Biofluids Chemistry and medical analyses
[714 CHE] Biomolecular chemistry
[607 CHE] Biophysical Chemistry
[712 CHE] Biosynthesis of natural products
[403 CHE] Carbohydrate Chemistry
[604 CHE] Carbohydrate Chemistry Advanced
[705 CHE] Cereal Chemistry Advanced
[421 CHE] Cereal Chemistry and its Products
[424 CHE] Environment and recycling wastes Chemistry
[704 CHE] Environmental pollution chemistry Advanced
[608 CHE] Enzyme chemistry Advanced
[304 CHE] Enzyme chemistry and its Immobilization
[613 CHE] Essential oils Advanced
[407 CHE] Food toxins and Additives Chemistry
[610 CHE] Hormones Chemistry
[713 CHE] Immobilization of enzymes and cells chemistry
[422 CHE] Immunology and Antibiotics
[428 CHE] Industrial Chemistry
[105 CHE] Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
[611 CHE] Lipid chemistry
[401 CHE] lipid chemistry
[423 CHE] Metabolism Chemistry
[707 CHE] Metabolism Chemistry
[324 CHE] Natural compounds Chemistry
[612 CHE] Natural fiber chemistry Advanced
[710 CHE] Nucleic acids chemistry Advanced
[709 CHE] Nutrition chemistry and Food Analysis Advanced
[702 CHE] Organic Chemistry Advanced
[715 CHE] Organic chemistry reaction mechanism
[301 CHE] Organic Chemistry Specific
[404 CHE] Physical Chemistry
[703 CHE] Physical Chemistry Advanced
[603 CHE] Protein chemistry Advanced
[303 CHE] Proteins and nucleic acid chemistry
[322 CHE] Radiation chemistry
[711 CHE] Radiation chemistry
[408 CHE] Student project
[606 CHE] Terpenes
[609 CHE] Vitamins chemistry Advanced
[402 CHE] Vitamins Chemistry and Hormones