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Faculty: Agriculture
Program: Horticulture
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 36
[Hort. 321] Acclimatization fruit trees
[Hort. 427] Advancement of vegetables, fruits and ornamental plant nurseries
[Hort. 323] Applications of organic agriculture in horticulture
[Hort. 322] Arboriculture and its relationship to the environment
[Hort. 407] Breeding vegetable crops
[Hort. 423] Development and production of clean fruit
[Hort. 304] Fruit production (1)
[Hort. 404] Fruit production (2)
[Hort. 239] Fruit production in the desert land
[Hort. 106] Fundamental of horticulture
[Hort. 410] Graduation Project
[Hort. 401] Growth and fruition of fruit trees
[Hort. 406] Handling and storage of horticultural crops
[Hort. 402] Improving horticultural crops
[Hort. 405] Landscaping
[Hort. 424] Lawns and turf grasses
[Hort. 428] Micro propagation in horticulture
[Hort. 236] Ornamental, aromatic and medical plants
[Hort. 403] Ornamental, aromatic and medical plants
[Hort. 408] Production of horticultural crops for export
[Hort. 209] Production of horticulture
[Hort. 429/1] Production of horticulture (special) (Agronomy Department)
[Hort. 429/3] Production of horticulture (special) (Department of Economics)
[Hort. 429/2] Production of horticulture (special) (Department of Food Science)
[Hort. 429/4] Production of horticulture (special) (Department of Plant Protection)
[Hort. 426] Production of non-traditional horticulture
[Hort. 303] Production of ornamental plants
[Hort. 421] Protected agriculture in vegetable crops (greenhouses)
[Hort. 433] Protected cultivation in horticulture
[Hort. 425] Safety production of medicinal and aromatic plants
[Hort. 324] Safety production of vegetable crops
[Hort. 435] Tissue culture applications in horticulture
[Hort. 301] Vegetable production (1)
[Hort. 302] Vegetable production (2)
[Hort. 431] Vegetable production in desert land
[Hort. 422] Vegetable seed production