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Faculty: Agriculture
Program: Crop Production
Level: Postgraduate
Total no. of courses: 40
[AGRO 714] Adaptation of field crops (Advanced)
[AGRO 724] Advanced cereal technology (Advanced)
[AGRO 713] Advanced weed control
[Agro 601] Biological statistics (Advanced)
[Agro 606] Breeding cross pollinated crops
[Agro 605] Breeding self pollinated crops
[AGRO 715] Breeding crops for disease and insects resistance
[Agro 702] Breeding of main crops
[AGRO 704] Crop production (1)
[Agro 704] Crop production (1)
[AGRO 705] Crop production (2)
[Agro 705] Crop production (2)
[AGRO 722] Crop rotation
[AGRO 721] Cropping in newly reclaimed lands (Advanced)
[AGRO 727] Cropping structure and intensification
[AGRO 613] Ecology and physiology of weeds
[AGRO 712] Ecology of field crops
[AGRO 615] Fertilization of field crops
[AGRO 723] Fiber technology (Advanced)
[AGRO 720] Forage production and pasture management
[AGRO 616] Grading and storage of grains
[AGRO 618] Growth regulators in crop production
[AGRO 706] Inbreeding and heterosis
[AGRO 706] Inbreeding and heterosis
[AGRO 614] Irrigation of field crops
[Agro 609] New aspects in crop breeding
[Agro 610] Physiology of field crops (Advanced)
[Agro 602] Plant breeding (Advanced )
[Agro 603] Production of main crops
[Agro 611] Research methods in agronomy
[AGRO 611] Research methods in agronomy
[Agro 608] Scientific writing
[AGRO 617] Seed physiology
[AGRO 617] Seed physiology
[AGRO 612] Seed production and propagation of field crops
[Agro 612] Seed production of field crops
[AGRO 726] Seed testing (Advanced)
[AGRO 725] Technology of forge and pasture
[AGRO 719] Tropical crops
[AGRO 718] Zero- tillage technology