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Faculty: Arts
Program: Arabic Language and Literature
Level: Postgraduate
Total no. of courses: 50
[013303] Advanced Studies in Arabic Grammar
[011306] Aesthetics
[010202] Appreciation of Arabic Texts
[011202] Approaches of Contemporary Literary Criticism
[011203] Arab Critical and Rhetorical Thinking
[012208] Arabic Comparative Philology
[012213] Arabic Dialects and its relation to Classical Arabic
[012211] Arabic Lexicography
[012305] Aspects of Change in Contemporary Arabic Language
[013306] Diligence and the development of the Islamic Thinking
[011209] Discourse Analysis
[011213] Examining a contemporary Literary text
[012210] Grammar: Cases and Problems
[013302] Islamic Philosophy
[013203] Islamic Studies in English
[012303] Language Theory
[012302] Linguistic and grammatical phenomena in Arabic Language
[012306] Linguistic Approach in Literary Criticism
[012207] Linguistic Studies in English
[011201] Literary texts in English
[011301] Literary texts in English
[010201] Methods of Arabic Literature and Linguistic Research
[011208] Methods of Studying Literature
[013206] Modern and Contemporary Islamic Thinking
[012301] Modern Arabic Linguistics
[012206] Modern Linguistic Approaches
[011207] Oriental Languages (Turkish, Persian, Hebrew)
[011304] Oriental Languages (Turkish, Persian, Hebrew)
[012304] Orientalist Studies in Arabic Language
[013301] Origins of Islamic Philology
[012214] Philology and its effect on Arabic Grammar
[013207] Problems of Religious Discourse
[011211] Researching Contemporary Arab Critic
[011205] Special Topic in Ancient Literature
[012212] Special Topic in Arabic Grammar
[011204] Special Topic in Arabic Rhetoric
[011212] Special Topic in Comparative Literature
[011303] Special Topic in Drama
[013208] Special Topic in Islamic Culture
[011206] Special Topic in Modern Literature
[011302] Special topic in Narration
[013305] Special Topic in Sciences of Al-Quran
[013202] Special Topic in the Sciences of the Hadith
[010203] Stylistics
[012205] Systems of Arabic Language
[010204] Terminology
[011305] Text Interpretation
[012209] Texts and Text Analysis
[013304] The Present of the Islamic World
[011210] Types of Literature