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Faculty: Commerce
Program: Management Science
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 49
[AS 316] Accounting and statistical applications using computer
[A 221] Accounting for Financial Corporations
[A 121] Accounting for Partnerships and Corporations
[A 222] Accounting for Stock and Financial Markets
[M 415] Advanced Managerial Applications Using Computer
[M 416] Advanced Managerial Studies in English
[S 222] Applied Statistics
[A 312] Auditing Principles
[A 311] Cost Accounting Principles
[S 124] Descriptive statistics
[E 323] Economic Development and Planning
[E 116] Economics of Resources and Environment
[A 212] Electronic Accounting Applications
[M 425] Feasibility Studies Management
[A 111] Financial Accounting Principles
[M 414] Financial Markets and Investment Management
[M 322] Human Resources Management
[A 211] Intermediate Accounting
[M 411] International Companies Management
[E 313] International Economy
[M 422] International Marketing
[M 321] Investment and Finance Management
[F 227] Law
[E 214] Macroeconomic analysis
[M 423] Management Information Systems
[M 112] Management Principles
[AM 126] Managerial and Accounting Studies in English
[ME 326] Managerial and Economic applications using computer
[M 213] Marketing Management
[M 412] Marketing Research
[S 125] Math of Investment and Finance
[S 115] Mathematics for Business and Economic Sciences
[E 123] Microeconomic analysis
[E 216] Money and Banking Economics
[M 114] Organizational Behavior
[E 113] Principles of Economics
[M 223] Production and Operations Management
[M 122] Public Administration
[E 327] Public Finance Economics
[M 421] Quality Planning and Control
[S 325] Quantitative Analysis
[S 226] Risk and Insurance Essentials
[S 314] Samples in Business Sciences
[M 212] Small Business Management
[M 424] Specialized Institutions Management
[ES 324] Statistical and Economic Studies in English
[S 315] Statistical Forecasting Methods in Business Studies
[M 413] Strategies and Policies of International Business
[AMES 317] The art of Writing Business Reports