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Faculty: Arts
Program: Archaeology
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 56
[ARCH 2221] Ancient Egyptian civilization, "religion"
[ARCH 2118] Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic (connected)
[ARCH 2225] Ancient Egyptian language (hieroglyphics) connected
[ARCH 2222] Ancient Near Eastern history " Iraq and Iran"
[ARCH 4143] Antiques and civilization of the ancient Near East
[ARCH 2224] Antiques of Greek and Roman Egypt
[ARCH 3130] Archaeological sites
[ARCH 3127] Architecture and major arts in the New Kingdom state and the Late Period
[ARCH 3239] Civilization and the Antiques of Egypt in the Byzantine era
[ARCH 3235] Civilization of Ancient Egypt "political and social systems"
[ARCH 4254] Egyptian Antiques in the modern era
[ARCH 4144] Excavations and art museums
[GEOG 2119] Geography of Egypt
[HIST 1209] Greek history and civilization
[ARCH 4145] Hieratic or Demotic Texts
[ARCH 3131] Hieratic Texts
[ARCH 4255] Hieroglyphic texts - Connected
[ARCH 4147] Hieroglyphic texts - Connected
[ARCH 3240] Hieroglyphic texts – Connected
[ARCH 3132] Hieroglyphic texts – Connected
[ARCH 2113] Historical texts in a European language
[ARCH 4253] Historical texts in a modern European language
[ARCH 3237] Historical texts in a modern European language
[HIST 1103] Historical texts in a modern European language "ancient history"
[ARCH 4251] History and Archaeology of northwest and the old East Africa
[HIST 1207] history and civilization of the Near East
[HIST 1210] History of Africa to the Arab conquest
[HIST 1102] History of Ancient Egypt until the beginning of the modern state
[ARCH 2115] history of ancient Egypt, "the modern state"
[ARCH 3236] History of ancient Near East, "Syria and the Arabian Peninsula"
[ARCH 2116] History of architecture and the arts in the Old and Middle Kingdoms
[ARCH 2223] History of Egypt in the Byzantine era
[ARCH 2117] History of Egypt in the Greek and Roman eras
[ARCH 3129] History of Egypt in the Islamic era
[HIST 1104] History of Europe in the Middle Ages
[HIST 1212] History of modern Egypt
[ARCH 3238] History of modern Egypt
[HIST 1211] History of the Arab state
[HIST 1105] History of the Arabs before Islam
[HIST 1208] Introduction to Archaeology
[ARCH 4146] Islamic Antiques
[HIST 1106] Modern Arab history
[ARCH 4148] Oriental language (Persian or Turkish)
[ARCH 3133] Oriental language (Persian or Turkish)
[ARCH 2226] Practical training
[ARCH 2120] Practical training
[ARCH 4256] Practical training - Connected
[ARCH 4149] Practical training - Connected
[ARCH 3241] Practical training - Connected
[ARCH 3134] Practical training – Connected
[HIST 1101] Prehistoric Ages
[HIST 2114] Prehistoric Antiques
[ARCH 4250] Relics of ancient Egypt "literature"
[ARCH 4142] Relics of ancient Egypt "minor arts"
[ARCH 4252] Special Topic (ancient Egyptian society)
[ARCH 3128] The history of ancient Egypt "Late Period"