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Faculty: Arts
Program: Geography and Information Systems
Level: Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 54
[GEOG 3130] Agricultural Geography
[HIST 1213] Ancient History
[ARAB 1105] Arabic
[BASI 2115] Biogeography (A)
[BASI 2222] Biogeography (B)
[BASI 2224] Cartography (Physical, Human )
[GEOG 3240] Computer-aided Applications in Cartography
[GEOG 4254] Computer-aided Project in Geography
[ENGL 1107] English Language
[GEOG 4249] Field Study
[BASI 1104] Geographical Texts in a European Language
[GEOG 3131] Geographical Texts in a Non Arabic Language
[BASI 2225] Geographical Texts in a Non Arabic Language
[GEOG 4250] Geographical Texts in a Non Arabic Language
[GEOG 4144] Geography of Arid Lands
[BASI 2221] Geography of Climate (B)
[BASI 2114] Geography of Climate(A)
[GEOG 4143] Geography of Environmental Hazards
[GEOG 4145] Geography of Eurasia
[GEOG 3129] Geography of Oceans and Seas (A)
[GEOG 3235] Geography of Oceans and Seas (B)
[BASI 2119] Geography of the Arab World
[BASI 1211] geography of tourism
[BASI 2226] Geography of Transportation and Commerce
[GEOG 3128] Geomorphology (A)
[GEOG 3234] Geomorphology (B)
[GEOG 4146] GIS Applications (environmental studies, physical planning, morphological changes)
[GEOG 4253] Graduation project in a topic or issue selected by the dept.
[HIST 3239] History of Islamic Egypt
[GEOG 4248] Human Geography of Egypt
[GEOG 3236] Industrial Geography
[BASI 2227] Introduction to GIS
[HIST 2120] Mediaeval History
[HIST 4147] Modern and contemporary History of Egypt
[GEOG 4141] Physical Geography of Egypt
[BASI 1210] Plane Surveying
[GEOG 4251] Political Geography
[BASI 2116] Population Geography
[BASI 1103] Principles of Cartography and Remote Sensing
[BASI 2118] Principles of Economic Geography
[GEOG 3133] Principles of GIS
[BASI 1102] Principles of Human Geography (A)
[BASI 1209] Principles of Human Geography (B)
[BASI 1101] Principles of Physical Geography (A)
[BASI 1208] Principles of Physical Geography (B)
[SOCI 1212] Principles of Sociology
[BASI 2117] Quantitative Methods in Geography
[GEOG 3132] Rural Geography
[GEOG 4142] Seminar
[GEOG 4252] The Nile Basin
[GEOG 3237] Thematic Maps
[GEOG 3238] Urban Geography
[BASI 2223] Using computers in geography
[BASI 1106] Using computers in geography