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Faculty: Arts
Program: Philosophy
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 49
[PHIL 1210] Aesthetics
[PHIL 1212] Ancient philosophical texts in a foreign language
[ARAB 1107] Arabic language
[PHIL 4245] Arabic thought and contemporary ideologies
[PHIL 2118] Christian philosophy in the Middle Ages
[PHIL 4249] Contemporary and modern philosophical texts in an European language
[PHIL 4142] Contemporary philosophy
[PHIL 1102] Eastern Philosophy
[PHIL 4247] Epistemology
[PHIL 1211] Ethical philosophy
[PHIL 1106] Formal logic
[PSYCT 1105] General Psychology
[SOCI 1104] General Sociology
[PHIL 2114] Greek philosophers (Aristotle)
[PHIL 1208] Greek philosophy (Thales- Plato)
[PHIL 4248] History of Science within the Arab
[PHIL 4139] Ideologies and philosophy of civilization
[PHIL 2221] Inductive logic
[PHIL 1103] Introduction to Islamic philosophy
[PHIL 1101] Introduction to philosophical thought
[PHIL 2115] Introduction to Theology
[PHIL 3233] Islamic intellectual influences
[PHIL 4244] Islamic mysticism (philosophical)
[PHIL 4138] Islamic mysticism (Sunni)
[PHIL 1209] Islamic philosophical texts
[PHIL 2220] Late philosophical schools (Hellenistic)
[PHIL 3127] Mathematical logic and theories
[PHIL 4141] Metaphysics
[PHIL 4140] Modern and contemporary Islamic thought
[ENGL 1213] Modern European language
[PHIL 3129] Modern Philosophy
[PHIL 2117] Moral doctrines to Muslims
[PHIL 3232] Morocco Philosophers
[PHIL 3131] Orientalists and Islamic thought
[PHIL 3126] Philosophers of Arabic East
[PHIL 4246] Philosophical problems
[PHIL 2224] Philosophical texts in a foreign language (Middle Ages)
[PHIL 2225] Philosophy of art
[PHIL 3234] Philosophy of History
[PHIL 2116] Philosophy of Language
[PHIL 4143] Philosophy of logic
[PHIL 3236] Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology
[PHIL 2119] Philosophy of values
[PHIL 3128] Political philosophy in ancient and the middle ages
[PHIL 2223] Political philosophy in Islam
[PHIL 3235] Readings in Islamic philosophy European language
[PHIL 2222] Theology problems and issues
[PHIL 3130] Western ethical doctrines
[PHIL 3237] Western political thought