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Faculty: Arts
Program: Sociology
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 69
[SOCI 6108] A Special Topic in Sociology
[SOCI 7103] A Special Topic in Sociology 2
[SOCI 7101] Advanced Studies in the Methodology of Social Sciences
[ARAB 1105] Arabic Language
[SOCI 2113] Classical sociological theories
[SOCI 2219] Contemporary sociological theories
[SOCI 4140] Crime and juvenile delinquency
[SOCI 7102] Critical Approaches in Sociology
[SOCI 7106] Critical Studies for Social Organizations
[SOCI 1208] Cultural sociology
[SOCI 6114] Culture and Society
[SOCI 2222] Culture, society and character
[SOCI 3129] Demography
[SOCI 4139] Design of social research
[SOCI 3231] Developmental sociology
[SOCI 2114] Economical sociology
[ENGL 1212] English Language
[SOCI 6104] Family and Childhood Problems
[SOCI 1207] Family sociology
[SOCI 4141] Field Training
[SOCI 4248] Field training
[SOCI 1103] Fundamentals of statistics
[SOCI 2117] Fundamentals of statistics
[SOCI 7105] Futuristic Studies in Sociology
[GEOG 1211] General geography
[SOCI 1209] History of the sociological thought
[SOCI 4137] Industrial sociology
[SOCI 1102] Introduction to Anthropology
[PSYC 1104] Introduction to psychology
[SOCI 1101] Introduction to sociology
[SOCI 4242] Knowledge sociology
[SOCI 3127] Legal sociology
[SOCI 6110] Making Use of Computers in Sociology
[SOCI 4244] Medical sociology
[SOCI 6105] Modern and Contemporary Methodologies in Sociology
[SOCI 6101] Modern and Contemporary Trends in Sociology
[SOCI 3126] Organizational sociology
[SOCI 2118] Political economy
[SOCI 2220] Political sociology
[SOCI 6111] Qualitative Approaches to Social Sciences
[SOCI 4243] Religious sociology
[SOCI 6109] Research designing
[SOCI 3230] Rural sociology
[SOCI 4138] Social Planning and Development
[SOCI 6113] Social Problems and Deviant Behavior
[SOCI 3128] Social service
[SOCI 6103] Social Texts in a Foreign Language
[SOCI 2116] Societal anthropology
[SOCI 6112] Society of Knowledge
[SOCI 6107] Sociological Analysis for modern Political Issues
[SOCI 7104] Sociological Analysis for The Egyptian Society’s Structure
[SOCI 1210] Sociological analysis of Egypt`s sociological history
[SOCI 2115] Sociological methodology
[SOCI 2223] Sociological psychology
[SOCI 3234] Sociological study of civil society organizations
[SOCI 1106] Sociological texts in an European language
[SOCI 3235] Sociological texts in an European language
[SOCI 4247] Sociological texts in an European language
[SOCI 2224] Sociological texts in an European language (2)
[SOCI 6115] Sociology and Crisis management
[SOCI 6102] Sociology and Progressive Development Issues
[SOCI 2221] Sociology of Egyptian society
[SOCI 3232] Sociology of environment and population
[SOCI 3233] Sociology of media and communication
[SOCI 6106] Statistical Treatment of Sociological researches
[SOCI 3125] The Feminist sociology
[SOCI 7107] The Sociology of Civilian Society Organization
[SOCI 4136] Urban sociology
[SOCI 4246] Youth sociology