Benha University Graduation Projects

Number of projects : 63
Faculty:Engineering, Shoubra - Department:Electrical Engineering
Project Title Abstract Cover Page
Body and Motion Detection based Security System Body and Motion Detection-abstract.docx Body and Motion Detection-cover.jpg
Rubik`s Cube Solving Robot rubik`s cube solving robot abstract.docx Rubik`s Cube Solving Robot Cover.jpg
e-Charity Organization E-Charity-abstract.docx E-Charity-cover.jpg
Design and Implementation of Smart-house using LabVIEW and DAQ. Design and Implementation of Smart-house using LabVIEW and DAQ-ABSTRACT.docx Design and Implementation of Smart-house using LabVIEW and DAQ-COVER.docx
eGym eGym-abstract.docx e-Gym-cover.jpg
Mobile Based Emergency System(MBES) MBES-abstract.docx MBES-cover.bmp
E-Medical Record System E-Medical Record-abstract.docx E-Medical Record-cover.bmp
Image generation from Arabic Image generation-abstract.docx Image Generation-cover.bmp
Design&Implementation of a Rubik`s Cube Solver Robot Design&Implementation of a Rubik`s Cube Solver robot-Abstract.docx Design&Implementation of a Rubik`s Cube Solver robot-Cover.jpg
smart fridge smart fridge-abstract.docx Smart Fridge-cover.bmp
LTE Optimization Mobility Load Balancing (MLB) MLB-abstract.jpg MLB-cover.jpg
TALKING CARS talking cars-abstract.jpg talking cars-cover.jpg
Smart Home Using Microcontroller & Andriod Technology smart home-abstract.jpg smart home-cover.jpg
Car Black Box car black box-cover.jpg car black box-cover.jpg
Car Security System Via Mobile Phone Car Security-abstract.jpg Car Security-cover.jpg
LTE dimensioning Planning Tool Implemented by C# Programming Language LTE-cover.jpg
Voice Over IP VOIP-cover.jpg
Controlled Appliances controlled appliances-abstract.jpg controlled appliances-cover.jpg
Voice Activated Home Control System VAHCS-abstract.jpg VAHCS-cover.jpg
Smart Helmet Smart Helmet-abstract.docx Smart Helmet-cover.bmp
Applications on Open BTS BTS-abstract.jpg BTS-cover.jpg
Electro Cardia Graph Signal Monitoring System ECG-abstract.jpg ECG-cover.jpg
Talking Systems with recent applications of Zigbee in wirless communications talking system-abstract.jpg talking system-cover.jpg
ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION FOR LARGE COMMERCIAL CENTER Elec-Distribution-abstract.docx Elec-Distribution-cover.jpg
ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION FOR LARGE COMMERCIAL CENTER Elec-Distribution-abstract.docx Elec-Distribution-cover.jpg
Electrical Distribution System for Specialized Hospital Project Special Hospital-cover.jpg
Electrical Distribution System for General Hospital Project General Hospital-cover.jpg
Electrical Distribution System for New Hospital Project New Hospital-cover.jpg
Design of electrical installation inside large buildings electrical installation-abstract.docx
Electrical Design & Installation of Tourism Village
Design of Electrical Distribution System for faculty of Dentist Dentist-abstract.jpg Dentist-cover.jpg
Power System Distribution for a New Developing Area
Application of Photovoltaic in Green Houses Green Houses-Abstract.jpg Green Houses-Cover.jpg
Faculty:Engineering, Shoubra - Department:Mechanical Engineering
Project Title Abstract Cover Page
Steam Jet Refrigeration Project Steam Jet-cover.jpg
Investigation of Reducing Warm Air Infiltration through Cold Stores Entrances using Air Curtains Warm Air-cover.jpg
Fire Fighting for Petroleum Storage Tanks Fire Fighting and Plumbing-cover.jpg Fire Fighting-cover.jpg
Mechanical Works in Building (HVAC) HVAC-cover.jpg
Journal Bearing Appartus
Improving Performance of an Energy Efficient ForKlift Klift-Abstract.jpg Klift-Cover.jpg
PV Solar System with Cooling PV-Abstract.jpg PV-Cover.jpg
HVAC design for a building in smart village and solar cooling HVAC1-Abstract.jpg HVAC1-Cover.jpg
Studying the effect of welding joint types & welding position on joint properties
An Alternative Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension System for Motor Vehicle Suspension-Abstract.jpg Suspension-Cover.jpg
Supply Chain Management SCM-Abstract.jpg SCM-Cover.jpg
GASKET Stamp Design Gasket-Abstract.jpg Gasket-Cover.jpg
Air conditioning
Study of the Effect of Helically Coiled Tube-In-Tube Evaporator Geometry on the Performance of a Vapour Compression Refrigeration System”
Experimental Study on Convective Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop inside the Shell of a Heat Exchanger with Perforated Baffles”
1 Air conditioning system for a hotel
Energy Harvesting of Hydro-pneumatic suspension system
Design of HVAC System For An Hotel
Design and Construction of A Hybrid Renewable Energy System
Underwater Remotely operated vehicle
Faculty:Computers and Artificial Intelligence - Department:Computer Science
Project Title Abstract Cover Page
Mobile Navigation Guide Mobile Navigation Guide Abstract.pdf Mobile Navigation Guide Cover.jpg
Mobile Voice Action Mobile Voice Action Abstract.pdf Mobile Voice Action Cover.jpg
Android Transportion Smart services Android Transportion Smart Services Abstract.pdf Android Transportion Smart Services Cover.jpg
Petroleum Tracking System Petroleum Tracking System Abstract .pdf Petroleum Tracking System Cover .jpg
Mobile OCR Mobile OCR Abstract.pdf Mobile OCR Cover.jpg
Faculty:Computers and Artificial Intelligence - Department:Information System
Project Title Abstract Cover Page
Workflow Management System Workflow Management System Abstract.pdf Workflow Management System Cover.jpg
Assessment For E-Learning Assessment For E-Learning Abstract .pdf Assessment For E- Learning Cover.jpg
Social Cloud File Manager Social Drive Abstract .pdf Social Drive Cover.jpg