Publications of Faculty of Medicine:PREVALENCE OF HYDATIDOSIS IN QALUBIA GOVEFtNORATE: Abstract

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tect the seroprevalence of hydatidosis in Qalubia Governorate Materials and methods: The studied group consisted of 207 from apparently healthy volunteers (195 males, 12 females, mean age 20.92 ± 1.82 years, min 17, max 55 years) living in Qalubia Governorate. Informed written consent was obtained from each one of them and they were requested to fill a questionnaire form (sociocultural and economic condition, area of living, and demographic data). Blood sampling was performed by intravenous puncture and sera were obtained after centrifugation. Anti-E. granulosus IgG antibodies were detected using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Results: Of the 207 patients, 13 (6.3%) were seropositive for anti-E. granulosus IgG antibodies, out of them 12 (92.3%) were males, and 1(7.7%) was female, 3(23.1%) from urban and 10 (76.7%) from rural areas, 8(61.5%) with pure water supply and 5(38.5%) without, 12(92.3%) were in contact with animals, 7(53.8%) were farmers and 2(15.4%) were living under bad