Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Lumbar lordosis and sacral inclination: effects of age and sex: Abstract

Lumbar lordosis and sacral inclination: effects of age and sex
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Low back pain is a problem seen currently in the middle and old age groups. Measurements of the lumbar lordosis are useful in low back pain investigation. It is not obvious if the lumbo-sacral curvature of the spine is changed with aging and if sex has a role in its determination. Lateral radiographic studies were done on the lumbo-sacral spines of 180 patients (101 males and 79 females) aged 10-79 years selected from patients undergoing diagnostic radiology for abdominal and genito-urinary diseases. Measurements of: (1) lumbar lordosis, (2) sacral curvature and (3) lumbo-sacral angle were made directly from the lateral radiographs of the lumbosacral spine and the average values were taken. Analysis of the data obtained showed that all the three parameters varied steadily with age. Females had greater angles more than males. Sacral inclination appeared to be more important determinant of lumbar lordosis. All the three parameters showed a tendency to decrease after the 5th decade, except the lunnbo-sacral angle which showed a steady increase up to the 8th decade in females. The clinical significance of these findings may be valuable in: (1) The age and sex-related