Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Stenting versus non-stenting in sinuscopic Dacrocytorhinostomy (D.C.R.): Abstract

Stenting versus non-stenting in sinuscopic Dacrocytorhinostomy (D.C.R.)
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Problems arised from stenting the lacrimal sac in our patients as infection, granulation with fibrosis of the lacrimal sac and intolerability,, led us to try to evaluate D.C.R. without stenting. 67 Patients suffering from epiphora were divided into 2 groups. The first group was 37 patients, who did sinuscopic D.C.R. with silastic tube stenting of the lacrimal sac through the nose. While in the other group 30 patients did the same operation with partial removing of the medial wall of the lacrimal sac without stenting. Both groups did not show statistically significant difference after follow up from 6 to 12 months. We recommend to do sinuscopic D.C.R. without stenting on condition that intranasal pathology are treated intraoperatively. Also, meticulous follow up sinuscopically- for at least 6 months post-operatively.