Publications of Faculty of Medicine:Vimentin Expression and S-100 Protein Positive Langerhans Cells in Endometrial Carcinoma: Abstract

Vimentin Expression and S-100 Protein Positive Langerhans Cells in Endometrial Carcinoma
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Aim: To assess the prognostic significance of both Vimentin (VIM) expression and S-I00 protein positive Langerhans cells (5-100 PPL) in endometrial carcinomas. Methods: Paraffin-sections from previously diagnosed endometrial carcinoma were graded and staged according to the recommendation of the international federation of Gynecology & Obstetrics (FIGO 2002). Ten proliferative endometrial cases were also used as normal control. Three sections of 4 micron thickness were obtained for every case. One is H&E stained for diagnosis reviewing and confirmation. The other 2 sections are immunohistochemically stained for VIM and S-100. Results: The data of immunohistochemical results were correlated with the following conventional prognostic variables: Tumor type, grade, stage and 5 year-survival. The results showed a significant negative correlation between VIM positivity and VIM expression score in one side and the tumor stage and grade in the other (p<0.05; 0.001). Correlating 5-year survival with VIM positivity and expression score, they showed a significant relationship with p-value <0.05. The results showed also a significant and highly significant correlation between 5-100 PPL count in one side and endometrial carcinoma grade, stage and 5-year survival in the other (p<0.05, <0.001 and 0.001 respectively). Conclusion: In conclusion pronounced tumor infiltration by Langerhans cells and VIM positivity of tumor cells may be considered as favorable prognostic factors in endometrial carcinom