Faculty of Engineering, Benha: Department of Electrical Engineering

Ashraf Shawky Selim SayedAhmed Mohra
# Title type
1 Awarded “First Position” Kuwait's Chess Open Championship 1989, 1988 Award
2 Awarded “The Best Women in Science CV” , during the first "Arab Women in Science and Technology: Empowerment for the Development of the Arab World“ 28th – 30th September 2009 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates Award
3 Awarded “The Best Women in Science CV” , during the first "Arab Women in Science and Technology: Empowerment for the Development of the Arab World“ 28th – 30th September 2009 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates Award
4 Certificate of Appreciation from the University of Banha for participating in “the organization of the fourth regional week for community service” 2009 Award
5 Certificate of thanks and appreciation from the Arab Union for Small Growth and the Arab Foundation for Science and Technology to participate in “the final arbitration proceedings Arab Competition for Entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Enterprises 2009” Award
6 Named the "Personality of the Year" , from Muslim Science magazine , United Kingdom, 2015 Award
7 Named in 3rd March 2014 by Arabian Business Journal as “one of Top World’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Women for the year”. Ranked as one of 10 scientists that made their way to the prestigious list. Award
8 Named one of the “the 500 Most Influential Muslims in 2017”, in the filed of science and technology, by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre Award
9 Ranked “The Top of the 50 Most Power Entrepreneurial Leader of the Arab Woman”, Sayidaty magazine, 2014. Award
10 “ The Ideal Mother for Benha University “, Benha University.for 2009 Award
11 • Awarded “The Best Research Paper” during the Computational Aspects and Their Applications in Electrical Engineering, (CATAEE 2004), 5th conference, Philadelphia University, Jordan. Award
12 • Named one of the “the 500 Most Influential Muslims in 2016”, in the filed of science and technology, by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre Award
13 • Named one of “Top 20 Influential Muslim Women Scientist in the World”, by an international committee residing on Muslim-Science, as an emerging champion “power woman”, Jan 2014. http://www.muslim-science.com/muslim-science-coms-list-of-twenty-most-influential-women-in-science-in-the-islamic-world Award
14 Engineering Syndicate, 1996, Cairo Membership
15 EUROSIS committee Membership
16 In International Steering Committee “11th International Multiconference on Systems, Signals & Devices” February, 11th - 14th 2014 Castelldefels-Barcelona, Spain Membership
17 In The Scientific Advisory Committee of “International Conference on Economics, Management and Business (ICEMB 2016(“ Membership
18 third world organization for women in Science and technology (TWOWS), Membership
mahmoud mohamed ahmed elbahy
Salah Ghazy Ramadan
Abdelhady Mahmoud Abdelhady
# Title type
1 Postdoctoral fellowship, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada Membership
Ashraf Yahya Hassan Ali Fahmy
El Sayed Mahmoud Taha Zanoun
Gamal mohamed abd elrahman sarahan
Mofreh ahmed elsayed hago
Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa Azab
Walaa Gabr
# Title type
1 Excellence award for extraordinary efforts in developing Academic Courses and their Curriculum Mappings, from the Dean of Benha Faculty of Engineering, 2014 Award
2 Short-term Mission from Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education for working as an Visiting Assistant Professor, at the Dept. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA Award
3 Association of American Egyptian Scholars Membership
4 Egyptian Engineering Syndicate Membership
5 Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE USA) Membership
6 International Federation of University Women Membership
Waleed Abdel Aziz Salem Attia
# Title type
1 a. From High Institute of Technology Award
2 1) Engineers Association Membership
Eman Salem Abd Elaziz Salem
Abdalla Tarek Mohamed Elgammal
Abdelkreem Ibrahim Abdelkreem Taman
Abdelnasser Abdelkader Nafeh
Ahmed Abdel Hamid Aly El-Awamry
Ahmed Fathy Mosaad Elnokrashy
Amr Abdelhamid Ali Attia Al-Awamry
Ayman Mustafa Hassan Mohamed
Ayman Soliman Selmy Mohamed
Doaa Ibrahim Abdel karim Soliman
Eslam Yahya
Fawzy Ahmed Mohamed Osman
Gamal Geweidh
Gomaa Fahmey Abdelnaby Osman
Hatem Mohamed Mohamed Zakaria Radwan
# Title type
1 Certificate of Appreciation “Science Clubs” (Excellent Degree), 2001. Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt. Award
2 Ideal Student in the Egyptian Universities, 2001. Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt. Award
3 Intake First-Candidate, 2002. Banha Higher Institute of Technology. Award
4 Incubator Award, 2003. Two months funding from Lucent Wireless University to study in details Wireless Communication Courses Membership
Hossam El-deen El-Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim
Hossam Labib Abdel Fattah Zayed
Khaled talat ibrahim harb
Khamis ali nabawi alam
# Title type
1 An Indian Government Scholarship funded by the Indian Culture Office Award
Maher Mohamed Ahmed Khaliel
# Title type
1 Best Paper Award of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Communications Systems (ICCS 2016) Award
2 Student Awards — Best paper award finalist (EUCAP 2015) Award
3 Student Awards — Best paper award finalist (EUCAP 2017) Award
4 Student Awards — Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), German Academic Exchange • PhD. Student Scholarship Award
5 Student Awards — Duisburg-Essen University, Institute of Digital Signal Processing • Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship 2016–2017 Award
Mannar Hosny Abd Elhameed Ali Lasheen
Marwa Abd Elrazik Mostafa Elmenyawi
Mohamed Adel Ahmed Ali
Mohamed Ashraf Abd Elkader Mohamed Sultan
Mohamed Hassan Elsaid Ahmed Shalan
Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Awaad
# Title type
1 Benha Faclty of Engineering Award
Mohamed Yassin Ali Yassin
Mona Ali Baioumy Elewa
Mostafa Elsayed Ahmed Ibrahim
Omar Mohamed Ali Mohamed Salim
Radwa Mohamed Tawfeek Awais
Sara Hamdy Mohamed Elsayed
Shawki Hamed Arafah Ibrahim
Tamer Mohamed Elsaid
Tamer omar mohamed diab
Tarek Abd Elhameed Ahmed Dakrory
Wael Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Ahmed
# Title type
1 1999 - The award of being the first on my faculty colleges (Graduation Ceremony). Award
2 2008 - The award of the best research of PhD student on the Egyptian Universities. Presented by Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) and Association of the Egyptian-American Scholars (AEAS). Award
Walaa Ibrahim Mahmoud Gabr
Zinab El-Sayed Mahmoud Morsi Afifi
Abd Elrahman Elewa
Ahmed Abdelmotelep Abdelfatah Omer
Aliaa Said Mousa
Amal Sabry Farag Allah Hegazy
anas abd alraouf fathy
Asmaa Mohamed Abas khater
Beshoy Abdou Aziz
Bishoy Samir
El Sayed Frahat El sayed El Tantawy
Eman Amer Elsayed Afifi
Eman.Zakeria Mohamed
Enas Mohamed Ahmed
Heba mohamed abdelhamid hassan
Islam Abd Elrahman Galal Eldein Abd Ellatif Afify
Maha Raof Abdel-Haleem Mohamed Abd-Allah
Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz Al-Dosokey Mahmoud
Mahmoud Adel Hassan
Mahmoud Adel Mohamed Mohamed
mahmoud osama El beshry
Mai Ahmed Samy Abd Allah
Mohamed Abdelaziz Abdelwahed
Mohamed Hosny
Mohamed Ibrahim Zaki Amer
Mona AbdElhalim Ahmed Abd Elhalim
Nada Elmeligy
Noura ahmed ibrahim elsheshi
rehab ibrahim nawar
Samer Ahmed Refaat Youssif Elfangary
Sara Atef Elgendy
Shaimaa Said Abd Elaziz Ibrahim
Wael Zaki Sayed Khalifa
Ahmed Nasr El-Dien Mohamed
Ahmed Ragab Mokhtar Mahmoud
Alyaa Said Mousa Mohamed Mousa
laila Nasser Abdelaziz Dawa
Mahmoud Taha Mahmoud Mohamed Elsayed
mai maher abdelaziz abdelrasheed
Manar Ahmed Metwally Ahmed Elfakahany
Muhammad Salah Sobeh
Noura Ahmed Ali
shaimaa Hassan Mohammed Yasein
tamer mohamed zakria elsharkawy