Faculty of Science: Department of Botany

Mohamed Osmann
Dina Mohsan Ali
Hassan Mahmoud Emara
Hassan Mohamed Ahmed shams
# Title type
1 Member of Virology (Egyptian virology Society) Membership
Mahmoud Abd El Mohsen Swelim
# Title type
1 Member of Egyptian society of botany membership
Mahmoud Mohamed Hazza
Mahmoud Mostafa Amer
Mohamed Gomaa Ali El-sayed
Said Ganiem Mohamed
# Title type
1 1) Egyptian society of botany Membership
2 2) Journal of Egyptian Genetics and Cytology Membership
3 Science syndicate Membership
Suzan Abdelhalim Abdallah
# Title type
1 Member of Agriculture Syndicate since1972. Membership
2 Member of the old student association of Imperial College, London, U.K. Membership
3 • Member of the American Phytopathological society since 2007 until now. Membership
4 • Member of the British Mycological Society since 1982 until now. Membership
5 • Member of the British Society for Plant Pathology since 1981 until now. Membership
6 • Member of the Egyptian Phytopathological Society since 1986 until now. Membership
7 • Member of the International committee of plant pathology forum. Membership
8 • Member of the International society for Molecular– Plant Pathogen Interaction (IMPI )since 2009. Membership
9 • Member of the Royal Science Society of Imperial College, London, U.K. Membership
Hamed Mohamed ElAdel
Mohamed Hesham Yassen
Mohamed Reda Metwali
Seham M. Shash
Talat ibrahim Abdullah
Ahmed Abd El-Razek Mobarak
# Title type
1 professional bodies Membership
Attia Ahmed Attia
Fardous Mohamed Bassuony
Ibrahim Helmi Abbass
Mohamed Nasr-Eldin
# Title type
1 - The Egyptian Botanical Society (EBS) Membership
2 - The Egyptian Society of Virology (ESV) Membership
Mohamed Nour Shehata
Nahed El Ayyaat
Radwan Radwan Abou El Abbas Khalil
# Title type
1 INSA-JRD TATA fellowship. India 2013 Award
2 Postdoc studies in Hungary 2015 under Egyptian Missions for six months Award
3 Research Training fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTFDCS) - India 2010 Award
4 A member of the Faculty Council of Science - Banha University for the period of 2013/2014 - 2014/2015. Membership
5 Egyptian Botanical Society Membership
6 Member of the Association of Scientific Membership
Sabah Abo-El-Maaty
Sohier Saad Abdel Salam
Abir Khatab
# Title type
1 Member of Virology (Egyptian virology Society) Membership
Ahmed Esmael
# Title type
1 Awarded a scholarship from the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education to conduct my Ph.D. research at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (2014-2017) Award
2 Awarded the bronze medal in the field of small projects at the Forum of science clubs League of Egyptian universities in Cairo University (2007). Award
3 American Society of Virology (ASV) Membership
4 The Egyptian Botanical Society (EBS) Membership
5 The Egyptian Society of Virology (ESV) Membership
Ahmed Ghamry Ali Abdelhamid
# Title type
1 joint supervision program at university of guelph,Canada Award
2 Egyptian Scientific Syndicate Membership
Amira El sayed Abdel Aziz
aziza nagah mostafa
Ebtesam Zakaria Gabr Abd Elall
ghada Eid Abd El-Gaid Ibrahim Dawwam
Heba sami Abdel Ghani
Mervat Gameel Hassan
Mohamed Abdelsalam
Mohamed kafi Emam Fakhry
Nesma Elsayed Ibrahim
Nesreen Sabry Hamed Abd El-Mageed
Noha khaled Abdlelfatah Meghawry
Omnia Mohamed Mohamed Helmy Arief
Rasha Yehya Abdel-gaffar Mohamed
Reham Mohamed Mostafa
Reyad Mohammed Reyad El-Sharkawy
Saadia Hamed Aly
Sabah Abo-El-maaty Ahmed
Saed Showky Mohamed Hemyd
# Title type
1 1) Member of the Egyptian Society of botany Membership
Soha Abdel monem
Ahmed Helmi Gad
Amina gamal
somaya mohamed ragab abdallah
Abd El Mohsen
Amani Adel Hamed Hamod
Amany Mohamed Emam
Ghada Ezzat Mohamed Elbarbary
# Title type
Mustafa Gomaa Ali Abdelbary
nahla salim salama moamer
Nema Mohamed Esmail
Rabab Rashad Abdelazez Hendawy
Yasmen Mohammed Abdelmeged
Mahmoud Abdel Raouf Elshafey
# Title type
1 Council of the Faculty of Science, Benha University from 10/2015 to 9/2016 Membership
2 The Council of Biology at the syndicate of scientific professions from 4/2012 to 4/2016 Membership
3 The Egyptian Botanical Society Membership
4 The Egyptian Society of Genetic Engineering Membership
5 The Egyptian Society of Genetics Membership