Faculty of Engineering, Benha: Department of Electrical Engineering

Ashraf Shawky Selim SayedAhmed Mohra
# Committee Name Year
1 2017
2 Chairman for three sessions in the Third IEEE International Conference on Systems, Signals & Devices (SSD'05), first session entitled “Neural Networks I”, second session entitled “Neural Networks II” and the third session entitled “Machine control”, Sousse, Tunis. 2017
3 Chairman in session in MESM'2006 August 28-30, 20Romance Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt 2017
4 Chairman in session PES2 IEEE SSD08 Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan July 20-23 2008 http://www.philadelphia.edu.jo/SSD08 2017
5 Co-organizing work shop in “International conference on advanced technologies and their applications in agriculture” , with title “Innovation for Business Development and Investment “ . March 2017, cairo , Egypt 2017
6 EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS in International Journal of Soft Computing (2016 ) 2016
7 Editorial Board of International Journal of Soft Computing 2017
8 Executive Coache and Journal Reviewer of Institute for Research in Management and Engineering, England & Wales in the United Kingdom 2017
9 In International Steering Committee “11th International Multiconference on Systems, Signals & Devices” February, 11th - 14th 2014 Castelldefels-Barcelona, Spain 2017
10 In The Scientific Advisory Committee of “International Conference on Economics, Management and Business (ICEMB 2016( 2016
11 Local chair for MESM conference, 2006, Alexandria, Egypt. 2017
12 Local Chair of the MESM"2010 Conference http://www.eurosis.org/cms/index.php?q=node/1475 2017
13 Member of committee in IPEC2006 The 6th International Philadelphia Engineering Conference on: Computational Aspects and Their Applications in Electrical Engineering CATAEE' 2006 19-21 September 2006, Philadelphia University, Jordan www.philadelphia.edu.jo/engineering/ipec.html 2017
14 Member of ROLEX ENTERPRISE AWARDS for innovation Jury panel 2016 2016
15 Member of scientific program committee in 5th IEEE International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals and Devices 2008. http://www.philadelphia.edu.jo/SSD08 2017
16 Member of the scientific community of “The 1st International Conference on Physics for Sustainable Development 28-30 October 2016, Baghdad- Iraq” 2016
17 Member on the technical program committee for SSD'08 (6th International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals and Devices). 2017
18 Organizer of special session Interface between H.V. Transmissions and Neighboring Communication System and Metallic Pipelines. Within the 5th WSEAS International Conference on POWER SYSTEM and ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (PES `05) Corfu Island, Greece, August 23-25, 2005. 2017
19 Organizing Committee in “The 2sd Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development,” The Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO), in cooperation with ISC, Tunis, Tunisia, on 19-21 December 2014 2014
20 Organizing Committee, Materials Science and Engineering "Science and Technology of Materials from Nano to Macro level" - June 11-13, 2018 Barcelona, Spain 2017
21 Organizing in the international committee for MESM, 2005, Monastir, Tunis. 2017
22 Scientific community member in “Materials Research and Technology” , Theme: Proliferating the limitations of materials, February 20-21, 2017 Berlin, Germany. 2017
23 Speaker and in organizing committee, “ 2sd second conference for Arab Women in Science and Technology”, Khartoum, Sudan 5-7 2014 2017
24 Speaker in “the 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting, "Accelerating Innovation in the Middle East: Lessons for the Developing World”, 13-17 February in Chicago, USA. 2017
25 The Scientific Committee of” The Selçuk International Scientific Conference On Applied Sciences – 2016” 2016
26 TPC Members in the fifth International Conference on Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), Jaipur, India 2016
27 • Committee Member “Arabic digital content on the Internet” – Arab Thought Foundation ATF 2011 2017
28 • In the International Steering Committee "The Licensing Opportunities Forum “, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sharjah – UAE, 2011 2017
29 • In The Scientific Advisory Committee of “International Conference on Economics, Management and Business (ICEMB 2016(“ 2017
30 • Local organizer of IRAQI Research and Development Initiative (IRDI), “Round II Technical Review and Professional Skills Development Conference”, Jordan, October 4 – 6, 2011. (Certificate- workshop on research management) CRDF Global, USA. 2017
31 • Main speaker, Session Chair, and Session Moderator “ Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Shaping the Future of Egypt.” 2012 AUC Research Conference, April 18, 2012, Cairo, Egypt. 2017
32 • Managing the “L’Oreal - UNESCO Pan Arab Fellowship 2011” Program, Arab Science and Technology Foundation. 2017
33 • Member of the committee of MESM'2005 conference September 5-7, 2005,Monastir,Tunisia http://biomath.ugent.be/~eurosis/conf/mesm/mesm2005/committee.html 2017
34 • Participating as Speaker on the round table” The Need for Information Platform on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Instruments", October 2011. 2017
35 • Scientific Program committee on power electrical system, The 7th IEEE International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals and Devices (SSD'2010) 27-29 June 2010, Amman-Jordan 2017
36 • Serve on the organizing committee for “The First Symposium of the Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Program”.Kuwait, October 2011 2017
37 • Speaker and in Organizing Committee in “The 2sd Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development,” The Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO), in cooperation with ISC, Tunis, Tunisia, on 19-21 December 2014 2017
38 • Speaker in the “International Conference of Agricultural and Environment for Sustainable Development” (ICEASD 2015) 2017
39 • Speaker in “ 1st Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development,” The Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO), in cooperation with ISC, Tunis, Tunisia, on 20-22 December 2013 2017
mahmoud mohamed ahmed elbahy
Salah Ghazy Ramadan
Abdelhady Mahmoud Abdelhady
Ashraf Yahya Hassan Ali Fahmy
El Sayed Mahmoud Taha Zanoun
Gamal mohamed abd elrahman sarahan
Mofreh ahmed elsayed hago
Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa Azab
Walaa Gabr
Waleed Abdel Aziz Salem Attia
Eman Salem Abd Elaziz Salem
Abdalla Tarek Mohamed Elgammal
Abdelkreem Ibrahim Abdelkreem Taman
Abdelnasser Abdelkader Nafeh
Ahmed Abdel Hamid Aly El-Awamry
Ahmed Fathy Mosaad Elnokrashy
Amr Abdelhamid Ali Attia Al-Awamry
Ayman Mustafa Hassan Mohamed
Ayman Soliman Selmy Mohamed
Doaa Ibrahim Abdel karim Soliman
Eslam Yahya
Fawzy Ahmed Mohamed Osman
Gamal Geweidh
Gomaa Fahmey Abdelnaby Osman
Hatem Mohamed Mohamed Zakaria Radwan
Hossam El-deen El-Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim
Hossam Labib Abdel Fattah Zayed
Khaled talat ibrahim harb
Khamis ali nabawi alam
Maher Mohamed Ahmed Khaliel
Mannar Hosny Abd Elhameed Ali Lasheen
Marwa Abd Elrazik Mostafa Elmenyawi
Mohamed Adel Ahmed Ali
Mohamed Ashraf Abd Elkader Mohamed Sultan
Mohamed Hassan Elsaid Ahmed Shalan
Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Awaad
Mohamed Yassin Ali Yassin
Mona Ali Baioumy Elewa
Mostafa Elsayed Ahmed Ibrahim
# Committee Name Year
1 Benha Faculty of Engineering – Benha University: Credibility and ethics team leader in: o Prepare and edit a booklet of intellectual property and publishing rights. o Prepare and edit the ethics guide for the faculty of engineering. 2013
Omar Mohamed Ali Mohamed Salim
Radwa Mohamed Tawfeek Awais
Sara Hamdy Mohamed Elsayed
Shawki Hamed Arafah Ibrahim
Tamer Mohamed Elsaid
Tamer omar mohamed diab
Tarek Abd Elhameed Ahmed Dakrory
Wael Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Ahmed
Walaa Ibrahim Mahmoud Gabr
Zinab El-Sayed Mahmoud Morsi Afifi
Abd Elrahman Elewa
Ahmed Abdelmotelep Abdelfatah Omer
Aliaa Said Mousa
Amal Sabry Farag Allah Hegazy
anas abd alraouf fathy
Asmaa Mohamed Abas khater
Beshoy Abdou Aziz
Bishoy Samir
El Sayed Frahat El sayed El Tantawy
Eman Amer Elsayed Afifi
Eman.Zakeria Mohamed
Enas Mohamed Ahmed
Heba mohamed abdelhamid hassan
Islam Abd Elrahman Galal Eldein Abd Ellatif Afify
Maha Raof Abdel-Haleem Mohamed Abd-Allah
Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz Al-Dosokey Mahmoud
Mahmoud Adel Hassan
Mahmoud Adel Mohamed Mohamed
mahmoud osama El beshry
Mai Ahmed Samy Abd Allah
Mohamed Abdelaziz Abdelwahed
Mohamed Hosny
Mohamed Ibrahim Zaki Amer
Mona AbdElhalim Ahmed Abd Elhalim
Nada Elmeligy
Noura ahmed ibrahim elsheshi
rehab ibrahim nawar
Samer Ahmed Refaat Youssif Elfangary
Sara Atef Elgendy
Shaimaa Said Abd Elaziz Ibrahim
Wael Zaki Sayed Khalifa
Ahmed Nasr El-Dien Mohamed
Ahmed Ragab Mokhtar Mahmoud
Alyaa Said Mousa Mohamed Mousa
laila Nasser Abdelaziz Dawa
Mahmoud Taha Mahmoud Mohamed Elsayed
mai maher abdelaziz abdelrasheed
Manar Ahmed Metwally Ahmed Elfakahany
Muhammad Salah Sobeh
Noura Ahmed Ali
shaimaa Hassan Mohammed Yasein
tamer mohamed zakria elsharkawy