Faculty of Science: Department of Chemistry

Experience In This Department: 20

Aly Abdel Maboud Aly
Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Heikal
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1 1. Chemistry and Technology of Cements especially the cements containing industrial by-products such as: A- By-pass cement kiln dust is a by-product from cement industry. B- Condensed silica fume from is a by-product from Ferro-silicon alloys factory Edfo-Aswan Egypt. C- Air and water cooled slag is by-product from Iron and Steel Company, Helwan, Egypt. D- Phosphogypsum is an industrial by-product from phosphoric acid manufacture by dehydrate process in Abo-Zaabal, Kulbia government, Egypt. E- Dealuminated kaolin from Egyption Shaba, Company, from the shaba (aluminum sulphate) manufacture in area of Kulbia government, Abo-Zaabal. F- Calcium formate is by-product from produced in the manufacture of the polyhydric alcohols and used as an accelerator in the hydration of Portland and blended cements. G- Ground Clay bricks is a solid waste material (broken and crushed bricks) product from the manufacture of clay bricks. H- Lime sludge is a solid waste material produced during the manufacture of acetylene gas. Acetylene gas is produced from the hydrolysis of calcium carbide to form acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide (sludge(. 2. Physico-chemical and microstructure of blended and pozzolanic cements. 3. Rhoelogical and electrical properties of Portland, sulphate resisting, blended, pozzolanic aluminous cements. 4. Durability and chemical attack of Portland, sulphate resisting blended, pozzolanic, and aluminous cements. 5. Influence of hydrothermal condition on the phisco-mechanical, phase composition and microstructure of autoclaving industrial by-products to produce building materials products. 6. Effect of firing temperature on the structure and strength properties of cement pastes and concrete. 7. Different advanced techniques used in my research area: • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). • Differential thermal analysis (DTA), differential thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA, Differential thermal colorimetry, • FI-IR spectroscopy • Electrical conductivity and resistively, and • ICP. 8. Uses of nano-material in the field of Building materials and Material Science for improving physico-chemical, mechanical and Durability of Portland and composite cements. 9. Preparation of eco-friendly binder from Alkali-activated aluminosilicate solid industrial wastes.
Alaa El-Sayed Ahmed Ahmed Amin
Mahassen Saad Amine
Abdel Hameed Ahmed Ahmed El-Bellihi
AbdElFattah AbdAllah
Abdelfattah Shaaban
Abdelmonem Farag
Abdlallah Alsawy
Ahmed Abdel-ٍSalam Khalil
Ahmed Shalaby
Ali Y El-Etre
Amal Ahmed
Ashraf Farouk
El-Sayed Almosallamy
El-Sayed Mabrouk
Evat Isaac
Gamal Owes El-Sayed Owes
Hassan Desouky
Helmy Aboalatah
Hisham M. Aly
Kaouser Abd El Halim Hebash
Maher Alnagar
Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Mousa
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1 1- Preparation several nano materials and studies on thier physical properies and applications (electrical, optical, manetic,….etc.).
2 2- Physico-Chemical Studies on Solid Materials (ceramic, organic and inorganic)
3 3- Studies on effect of gamma irradiation on the physical properties of materials.
4 4- Synthesis and physico chemical studies on some superconducting materials.
5 5- Preparation and testing dyes solar cells.
6 6- Waste Water Treatment
Mohamed M. H. Arief
Mohamed mokhtar mohamed abdallah
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1 • Doctorate’s degree in Physical Chemistry with twenty years experience in teaching and doing research on the field of surface and catalysis • Computer skills: MS Office and the Internet • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills with ability to adapt and learn new techniques quickly • Reliable, Flexible and work well independently or as a team member • Detail oriented with demonstrated organizational strengths in problem solving and decision making • Editor of the International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (IJWREE-Academic journals) • Editor of journal of Biophysics and Structural Biology (JBSB-Academic journals) • Editorial board in Recent patent in catalysis and open catalysis Journal. Preparation of Zeolites and their applications. Zeolite with a well defined regular pore structure of molecular dimension has recently been focused on as one of the materials conquered new fields. We succeeded in preparation of in-situ modified metal ions/zeolites such as Ti-Mordenite, Ti-ZSM-5, Fe-Mordenite, V-ZSM-5 and Ce/Mordenites. The prepared Zeolites were obtained from the raw materials present in EGYPT. Characterization of zeolites by XRD, N2 adsorption, FTIR, Mossbauer, UV-VIS diffuse reflectance spectroscopies, SEM as well as TPD was carried out. Dealumination of zeolite under various conditions of acid treatment and steaming has been investigated for the purpose of revealing the acidity changes and its effect on the zeolites stability & activity. 2. Shape selective, acid catalyzed hydrocarbon conversions. Emphasis is placed on the processing of aromatic hydrocarbon. 3. Selective oxidation on Molecular Sieve catalysts. A typical example is the preparation of TS-1 and titania as molecular sieve having mesoporous character using new surfactant templates as directing agents. 4. Applications of titanium oxide photocatalysis to create self-cleaning building materials besides its ability to degrade a variety of organic compounds as well as highly polluted metal ions and dyes has been carried out. The optimizations of these reactions are now revealed. 5. Synthesing Titania samples with discrete phases either anatase or rutile under hydrothermal conditions was carried out using different templating materials such as CTAB, SDS, CPBr and poly functionalized compounds. These samples were primarily microporous with some tendency of mesoporosity. 6. NO reduction, CO oxidation and water-gas shift reaction over some metal ions incorporated inside zeolites such as CeZSM-5 and Ce-mordenites were accomplished by using In-Situ FTIR spectroscopy in the oxide and reduced forms of these catalysts to stand on the ability to reduce NO into N2 as well as CO oxidation into CO2 . Having an idea about the mechanism of the reaction of these gases on zeolites surfaces was accomplished. 7. Using RICE HUSK in synthesizing ZSM-5 zeolites of various pore structures and incorporating Metal ions during their synthesis including Cobalt and Vanadium and finally stand on their reactivities towards complete oxidation of An acid green dye. 8. Synthesizing nano-catalytic materials for multipurpose such as reduction of some metal ions as well as complete oxidation of some organic moieties present in water (water purification). Petroleum transformation on nanocatalytic materials either encapsulated inside zeolites or mixed oxides. 9. Nanomaterials involving clusters, nanoparticles, quantum dots, nanowires and nanotubes, are of vital interest to the science and technology. The structure and properties of nanomaterials differ significantly from those of atoms and molecules as well as those of bulk materials. Synthesis, structure, energetics, response, dynamics and catalytic properties of such materials are of interest to me nowadays. A variety of other properties and related applications in medicine are now under investigation.
Moustafa Ebrahim Moustafa Shahin
Moustafa Mahmoud Moustafa Awad Saad
Safaa Abdlrazek
Sayed Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Shafey G. Donia
Metwally Abdallah Mohamed
Mitwalli Abdelsaid
Mohamed Abd-Elfattah Gabal
Mohamed Azab
Mohamed Sayed Abd el-Rhman Sayed Behalo
Mostafa Yassin Mohamed Yassin Nassar
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1 Photocatalytic degradation of the organic dyes using nanomaterials.
2 Removal of organic and metals cations using nanomaterials.
3 Synthesis of cyclophosphate complexes.
4 Synthesis of nanomaterials.
5 Synthesis of organometallic compounds.
6 Synthesis of Schiff base complexes.
Safinaz Abdelmotaleb
Talaat Younis Mohamed
Wafaa Abd alla Byoumi Abd alla
Wagdi Ali
Abdelmotaal Abdelmajeid El-Shiekh Abdelmotaal Abdelmajeid
Ahmed Alshenawi
Ahmed Tantawy
Ashraf A. A. Abdel-Fattah
Ayman Awad Ali Abdel Razik
Bahaa El-Dien M. El-Gendy
Ehab Abdelhamid Abdelrahman Ahmed
Emad Mohammed Mohammed youssef masoud
Eman Mohamed Abd-Allah Abd El-Fattah
Hany Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim
Hesham Hassan Elfeky
Kamal Amal Kamal Soliman
Merfat Asem
Mohamed Abd El-Rahman Mousa Abo-Riya
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1 17 in teaching and scientific research
Mohamed Hussein Mostafa Ahmed
Mohamed Khairy Abdel Fattah Omran
Mohamed Salah Omar
Mohamed Sobhi Motawa Awad
Shokar Atwa
Tamador Ibrahim
Zeinab Abdelbary
Abdelzaim Alsharkawy
Alaa Salah Gouda Mohamed Salem
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1 Experience for more than 6 years in teaching practical organic Chemistry courses for undergraduate students at faculty of science, Department of Chemistry, Benha University.
2 Experience in scientific research work and handing the recent analytical and spectral instruments as follows: 1-IR spectra. 2- Mass Spectra included EI; ESI; Maldi. 3- TLC, Column Chromatography. 4- HPLC included Ion-exchange (IEX), reverse phase, NP salting techniques. 5- 1H-,13C-,15N-,31P-,F-NMR included Dept135 techniques 6- 2D-NMR ( Cosy,Nosy, Rosy, HSQC and HMBC) included treating with mestrenova program. 7- UV/Vis spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elimer), CD Spectroscopy,Tm and fluoresence measurments. 8-Microbiological Analysis, Fibrinogen Clotting assay. 9- Microwave machines.
3 Experience in Molecular Modelling, Drug Design based structure included docking technique (maestro9.2) program. 3D-QSAR studies
4 Experience in performing DNA synthetizer machines.
5 Experience in writing scientific manuscripts included ChemBiodraw 2013 program.
Amaal Younes Mahmoud El-gazzar
Amal Mohamed Mahmoud Metwaly
Amani Abdelmagid
Amr Feteha
Asmaa Ali
Enas A. Mohamed
Islam Moustafa
Mohamed Salah Omr Mougahed
Mohammed Ahmed El Sayed Kassem
Naglaa Mashal Mohamed Ali Emam
Nahed Awad
Sabry Seadah
Samy Badr
Shalaby Ismail
Sherif Ibrahim Metwally Ramadan
Thuria Nasar
Ahmed Abdelhakim Gouda Amer
elhussein desouky fath mohamed
fatma mahmoud zakaria
Mahmoud basiouny
Marwa sameeh abdelbaset mohamed
Nora Sobhy Mohamed Elhagrsy
sahar mohamed ibrahim abdelhameed
Sally Mohamed Refeat
Samar Mohamed Omar Hassan Syam
Usama Waheed al-Saeid Tash
Abdelrazek Mousaad Askar
Ahmed Shahin
Hager Moustafa Ali
Ibrahim Hatem Ibrahim Shalaby
Kyrillos Roshdy Wadee Shehata
Moataz Salah Elsayed Borham
Mohamed Ahmed Mossad Elnaggar
Mona Said Nour El-Dien Mansour
Nada Ashraf Elazab Elghamrawy
Nouran Yousri Bassuoni Ali Rezk
Sahar Rashad ElSayed ElLamay
Salah Gouda
Eman Gad Alkareem