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Prof. Aref Adel Ahmed Elaraby Lashin

Academic Position: Professor

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Faculty: Science

Department: Geology


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Mobile: 0133237595

Scientific Name: Aref Lashin

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New Book: "Red Sea Geothermal Provinces" D. Chandrasekharam, Aref Lashin, Nassir Al Arifi, Abdulaziz M Al-Bassam [2015-07-09]
A new book concerning with the geothermal provinces and geothermal resources evaluation of all the countries around the Red sea, is coming soon. The book will be published CRC press more

Research Interests

Applied Geophysics, Geothermal Exploration, Enhanced Geothermal Systems & Hot Dray Rock, Petrophysics, Well Logging. Exploration of Petroleum and Natural Gas 1&2

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