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Dr. ElMoataz bellah Gamal eldin

Academic Position: Lecturer

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Faculty: Engineering, Benha

Department: Architectural Engineering


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Architecture in the information technology age [2015-10-13]
Technology in the past was some thing only referred to in science fiction movies. Now in this age of “globalization” and “informationalization,” information technology plays a critical role in redefining our world, leaving it no larger than a universal village. Architectural inspiration is similarly derived from a variety of different fields, such as philosophy, science, technology, biology geography, and mixing design with different sciences and arts. This wide range of sciences and disciplines involved in integrating (IT) into architectural practice promises a radical shift in design concepts, one that offers architects the chance to reconfigure their environment and reconsider which fields design should incorporate. The aim of that research is to determine and identifying the effect(s) and essence(s) of information/digital technology on contemporary architecture, to draw-out a comprehensive frame work for studying contemporary architecture corresponding information /digital age. Achieving that, the research had to approach, examine, analyze and finally to determine roots and aspects of influence(s) and effect(s) of that revolution on contemporary architecture ,to enabled us for drawing-out the methodology of its working system. Therefore, the research had studied such effectsmore

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