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Prof. Sherif Hady Taher Eisa :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
The Influence of Surface Roughness on Nucleate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficient of Refrigerant 134A. Completed
Thermal Hydraulic Behavior of Research Reactor During Natural Convection Cooling Mode. Completed
Effect of Oil Concentration on Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficient of R134a. Completed
Study of Co-generative Seawater Ro Completed
An Investigation for the Effect of Oil Concentration on Condensing Heat Transfer Coefficient of R-134a. Completed
An Experimental Study of Condensation of R-11 inside Augmented Tubes, since 1999. Completed
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Turbulent Flow Inside a Circular Tube with Grooved Longitudinal Inserts, since 2003. In Progress
Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of R-134a, since 2005 In Progress
Effect of Vibrations on Evaporation of R-134a in Vehicles Air Conditioning, since 2006. In Progress
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