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Prof. Wagdy Mohamed Mansour :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
"Performance of Self-Excited Induction Generators in wind-Energy Systems " , Samia Mansour , 1999 Completed
"Novel Control Techniques for Large Scale Power System Stability Enhancement " , Sherif Abdel-Razek , 2002 Completed
"A Proposed Approach for Online Transient Stability of Multimachine Power Systems Using Parallel Microprocessors" , Mohamed Abdel-Wahb , 2009 Completed
"Load Forecasting And System Upgrades With Consideration of Weather Parameters" , Ahmed Tahe Gherib , 2010 Completed
"Decentralized Control of Multi-Area Power systems" , Mahmoud Elsisy ,2014 Completed
"Electrical Blackout Mitigation Using Artificial IntelligenceTechniques" , Ahmed Elzaway , 2015 Completed
" Voltage Stability Analysis In Electric Power Systems" , Nader Shawky , 2013 Completed
"Mitigation Of Torsional Oscillations in large Turbine Generator Shaft System Using AI technique", Mohamed Fayez , 2016 Completed
"Electrical Demand Forecasting for the Egyptian Unified Network Using Recent Computational Techniques" , Ahmed abdelhakim , 2013 Completed
"Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Tuning the Controllers of Synchronous Generators Excitation Systems", Hany Abu-Se3da, 2012 Completed
"Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch of Thermal Power System Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique" , Hany Henry , 2012 Completed
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