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A Study On Baryon Spectroscopy Using A Modified Cornell Potential Form
Authors: L.I.Abou-Salem, A.Rabei, K.Elsayed, M.Hammad, M.H.Mahmoud
Year: 2011
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In this work a non-relativistic three body Schrodinger equation with a simple phenomenological interacting potential form is solved numerically to obtain the resonance masses of N, Δ, Λ and Σ baryons. A modified Cornell potential form is used to describe the quark-quark interacting forces inside baryon. The present simple phenomenological potential model contains only three free parameters beside the quark masses. A comparison between the present calculations and both the allowed experimental and previous theoretical results is investigated. From this study one can conclude that; the present potential form gives a considerable success in case of explaining the low-mass baryon excitations spectrum.

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