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استراتيجية لتدريب مهارة رفع زاوية الحوض ( السرما ) باستخدام التحليل الكينماتيكى
Authors: تامر عماد الدين سعيد محمد درويش
Year: 2015
Keywords: التحليل الكينماتيكى, استراتيجية لتدريب مهارة رفع زاوية الحوض ,السرما
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The research aims to build a strategy to Trainthe skill of elevation angle of the pelvis (Aserma) where the researcher used the descriptive method on a sample of one player from the Egypt national team for free wrestle. the most important results have indicated that it can be employed for the analysis of motion skill In building a training strategy as a model that can be used in other skills. and motion skill analysis illustrates important Elkinmetekih aspects in performance in terms of the temporal distribution of the phases of technical skill, and their contribution ratios, Dimensions of horizontal and vertical center of gravity, Engineering Track for the center of gravity and for the horizontal and vertica dimensions to the (right - and left ) instep., changing angular for knee, hip and the angular curve for them the most important recommendations is to commitment to the technical aspects of the study qualitatively and quantitatively as a guide to the processes of education, training and rationing loads

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