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Effect of Channel Slope on Hydraulic Jump Characteristics
Authors: Neveen B. Abdel-Mageed
Year: 2015
Keywords: Open channel; hydraulic jump; energy dissipation; sloping channel; sluice gate; water structure
Journal: Physical Science International Journal
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Pages: 223-233
Publisher: SCIENCEDOMAIN international
Local/International: International
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Hydraulic jump mainly serves as an energy dissipater to dissipate excess energy of flowing water downstream of hydraulic structures, such as spillway, sluice gates etc., This research paper investigates the effect of channel slope on the characteristics of free hydraulic jump and the energy dissipation downstream the gate. Generally, this research investigates the main characteristics and parameters of the free hydraulic jump such as; the sequent depth, the relative hydraulic jump length and the relative distance to the jump. In the present research paper, these characteristics were tested in rectangular channel downstream (DS) the vertical gate. The experimental program was conducted on a re-circulating flume with 2.5 m long, 9 cm wide and 30 cm deep; with discharges range from 3 to 230 LPM. Statistical equation was developed to correlate the length, sequent depth ratio and distance of jump with the other independent parameters. Finally, clear matching of results from the length of jump was obtained.

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