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Nodes-Connectors network of Public Spaces as a Manifestation of Power in Cairo’s Heterotopias
Authors: Ahmed Abdel-Rasoul, Eslam Nazmy
Year: 2017
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Full paper Ahmed Sayed Abdelrasoul Ali_Nodes-ConnectorsNetwork-of-Public-Spaces-as-aManifestationof-Power-in-Cairos-Heterotopias.pdf
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Heterotopia is where every community lives, works, and socializes,withinwhich there is a network of public spaces supportingits social life, as well as connecting it -the heterotopia- to other heterotopias withina metropolitan. Cairo, as well, is a metropolitan with distinct heterotopias, that, in turn, representing the manifestation of power shaped their public spaces’ network. Nodes and connectors are a new typology,introduced by this paper, constituting the network of public open spaces within each heterotopia to understand the manifestation of power over their articulation. Two distinct heterotopias are investigated:MadinetNasr which represents public-sector-power over itspublic spaces’ production;and New Cairowhich represents the empowerment of private-sector over the same. Through this investigation,it is concluded that in Cairene context since 1952, public sector is more concerned about the resilience of movement forindividuals by providing accessible public spaces (connectors)to ensure the proclaimed equality and global connectivity, however, it’s not concerned about the social nature of the public spaces (nodes typology). While private sector, on contrary, gives more concern about the social nature of nodes typology regardless giving equal opportunities among the whole society to access these nodes through their connectors network.

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