Statement of Prof. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Soramaty:

Personal Informations:

Name(Ar): أحمد إبراهيم أحمد الصرماتى
Faculty: Education
Department: Management
Academic degree: PhD
Major Speciality: Education
Minor Speciality: Educational Administration
Current position: Professor
Office address: Al_Qalubyia_Benha_Egypt
Work phone: 0133227523
Alt. e-mail: Okanda 19181 @

Academic Positions:

Position Organization Country From To
Heat of Depart. College of Education Benha Egypt 1987-1-1 1990
Heat of Dep. College of Education Benha Egypt 1997-1-1 1999
Heat of Dep. College of Education Benha Egypt 1999-1-1 2012

Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
1. meeting Arab& international models in 2009 quality assurance and accreditation in university of education 2009
2. meeting electronic of educational system 2009. 2009
3. trends and fields of educational research in teaching& curriculum 2009 2009
4. conference developing secondary education and acceptance policies in university education 2008. 2008
5. workshop, future plane in developing university in Saudi Arabian 2006-2050 2006
6. workshop, preparation of national standards project in Egypt, 2003 2003
7. conference, quality education in Egyptian school opportunities & chance 2000 2000

Educational details:

Institution Degree Year
State College Pennsylvania (U.S.A) PhD 1981
BSc 1950
MSc 1950

Memberships and Awards details:

Organization name Membership/Award
1) Member of Agency of Educational Administration & Comparative Education. Cairo. Membership
2) Member of, Trends Education. Cairo Membership
3) Member of, International Education. Cairo Membership
Member of, Society partnership in the light of Quality Education in College of Education- Benha Membership
a. Certificate for Excellent work in Supervision & Administrative Dep. (Khaled University, College of Education, ABHA, (2007). Award
b. Certificate for Excellent work in Educational Administration Dep. El Madia Elmoinwra, (1996). Award

Committees details:

Committee Year
1) A member of Scientific committees for promotion of professor and assant professor, Cairo. 0
2) A member of INVESTIGATIVE of research in college of education benha. 0

Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2013
1-1. Member of Social Partnership Society in Faculty of Education-Banha


• Consulting in Journal of College of Education Penha.
• Consulting in Project in Agency of Quality and Accreditation in Education, Cairo.
• Consulting in Project of Education Quality in Secondary School, Cairo.