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Prof. Ayman Samir Farid :: Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
The 152nd conference of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science (September 19~21, 2011; Osaka, JAPAN). 2011
The 150th conference of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science (September 16~18, 2010; Hokkaido, JAPAN). 2010
4th International Conference on Paraoxonases (September 7~10, 2010; La Pineda, Vilaseca, Catalonia, SPAIN). 2010
The Third Workshop on Nematoda (November 13~14, 2009; Miyazaki, JAPAN). 2009
The Second Workshop on Nematoda (November 7~8, 2008; Miyazaki, JAPAN). 2008
XVIIth International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria (ICTM 2008), (September 29~October 03, 2008; Jeju Island, KOREA). 2008
The First Egypt-Japan International Symposium on Science and Technology (EJISST 2008), (June 8~10, 2008; WASEDA University, Tokyo, JAPAN). 2008
The First Workshop on Nematoda (November 26~27, 2007; Miyazaki, JAPAN). 2007
2007 Joint Meeting; the 60th South-Japan Regional Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Parasitology and the 57th South-Japan Regional Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Medical Entomology and Zoology (October 27~28, 2007; Kumamoto, JAPAN). 2007
The 48th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine “Tropical Medicine and Health” (October 12~13, 2007; Oita, JAPAN). 2007
Seminar on “Intestinal Hyperpermeability and Hepatic Dysfunction during Enteric Nematode Infections” (July 3~6, 2007; Tottori, JAPAN). 2007
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