Statement of Prof. Hosny Mohamed Abd El-Dayem:

Personal Informations:

Name(Ar): حسني محمد محمد عبد الدايم
Faculty: Agriculture
Department: Botany
Academic degree: PhD
Major Speciality: Botany
Minor Speciality: plant physiology
Current position: Professor
Office address: Faculty of Agriculture - Moshtohor, Toukh, Kalyoubia,13736 ,Egypt
Work phone: 0132460306
Fax: 0132467786 – 0132468954
Alt. e-mail:

Academic Positions:

Position Organization Country From To
Demonstrator Fac. Agric. Banha. Univ. Egypt 1978-1-1 1982
Assistant lecturer Fac. Agric., Banha Univ. Egypt 1982-1-1 1987
Lecturer Fac. Agric. Banha. Univ. Egypt 1987-1-1 1993
Associate prof. Fac. Agric. Banha. Univ. Egypt 1993-1-1 2001
Prof. Fac. Agric. Banha. Univ. Egypt 2004-1-1 2007
Head of Dept. Fac. Agric. Banha. Univ. Egypt 1981-1-1 1988

Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
The first scientific conf. for Agriculture chemistry 5-7/12/2006 2006
The 10 th international conf. for plant nutrition during 8-12/4/2000 cairo 2000
Biological and technological seminar and genetic engineering in Fac. of science Banha Univ. 16/3/1999 1999
The 6 Th Egyptian conf. for plant sciences cairo. univ 24/26/11/1998 1998
The seven conf for agriculture improvement researches fac of Agric. Ain shams univ. 15-17/12/1998 1998
First seminar in the Egyptian society in the plant nutrition and fertilizers in Agric. Ministry during 1-2/9/1997 1997
Gentic engineering seminar and using of different applied programs in Banha. Univ. at 15/5/1996 1996
Scientific seminar on pollination food of the street Egyptian in fac. Agric. Banha. Univ. during 15-16-3/1995 1995
Successfully completed a training course in electron microscopy (Techniques and interpretation) (Electron Microscope Unit, Alex. Univ.) 1988

Educational details:

Institution Degree Year
Fac. Agric., Zagazig Univ.(Banha Branch) PhD 1987
Fac. Agric., Zagazig Univ.(Banha Branch) MSc 1983
Zagazig Univ. BSc 1977

Memberships and Awards details:

Organization name Membership/Award
Egyptian, j. of Botany Award
Annals of Agric. Sci. Moshtohor Award
J. Biol. Chem. Environ Sci, Award

Committees details:

Committee Year
External evaluator in the supreme council of universities. 0
External evaluator in the J. of Annual Agric. Sci .Moshtohor. 0

Scientific Activities: