Statement of Dr. Magdy abdelazeez Mohamed abozed:

Personal Informations:

Name(Ar): مجدي عبد العزيز محمد أبو زيد
Faculty: Specific Education
Department: Art Education
Academic degree: PhD
Major Speciality: Art Education
Minor Speciality: Art and Wood arts
Current position: Asst. Prof. Emeritus
Office address: Hay_elZehor_(Azbt_elzraa)_Benha,Qalyubia,Egypt
Work phone: 133266983

Academic Positions:

Position Organization Country From To
Plastic Arts Research Academy of Arts Egypt 1978 1998
Assistant Lecturer of Art Education Benha FSE Egypt 1998 2000
Lecturer of Art Education & Folk Traditions Benha FSE Egypt 2000 2007
Assistant professor of Art Education Benha FSE Egypt 2007 2009
Professor Emiratus in Art Education Dept. Benha FSE Egypt 2009 Until Now
Prof. Emeritus Benha FSE Egypt 2009 until now
2016 until now
Prof. Emeritus 2009 until now

Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
Developing self Resources conference, Benha University 2009
The 8th Annual conference of Damietta FSE, Mansoura University 2007
Conference of Arts in between Identity and Innovation, college of Fine Arts, Helwan University 2006
Specific quality management conference, Benha University 2006
Symposium of Folk Heritage & Forming the child's character, National centre for the child's culture 1997
Symposium for the child's law project, National centre for the child's culture 1996
Symposium on the press issues and the child's culture, National centre for the child's culture 1995
Symposium of the 3rd International Festival for Folk music (Arts of the Reed musical Instruments), Palaces of Culture Organization, Al-Arish 1994
Symposium of the 2nd international festival for Folk music (the Rebab Arts), palaces of culture organization, Assiut 1993
Symposium of the 1st Intermational festival for falk music (simsinya), palaces of culture organization, part said 1992

Educational details:

Institution Degree Year
Academy of Arts PhD 2000
Academy of Arts MSc 1996
Helwan University BSc 1972

Memberships and Awards details:

Organization name Membership/Award

Committees details:

Committee Year
Higher studies committee, member. 2013
2. Cultural Affairs committee, member. 2013
. Libraries committee, member. 2013
4. Board of Art Education Dept., Secretary. 2013
5. Administrative Board of Public Service in FSE, member. 2013
6. Faculty of specific Education Board, Secretary. 2013
7. Local control of undergraduate Exams, member. 2013
8. Control of Higher studies Exams, Supervisor. 2013

Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2007
1-Supervised the preparation of students Art works to represent Benha FSE in the Exhibition held by the ministry of Higher Education
2-Participated in setting the technical specifications for the Furriture of the University faculties and University Hastels
Scientific Activities of 2006
3-Participated in the Environment sofety week, Benha University in collaboration with Qalubia Governrate
4-Held on Exhibition in a hall of Cairo Atelier entitted "A contemporary vision of the pharonic Decoration for the Egyptian tenting"
Scientific Activities of 2005
5-Held on Exhibition in a hall of Cairo Atelier entitted " The Islamic Decoration in a new plastic treatment on printed textiles"
6-Held on Exhibition for the Eathetics of Folk Decarations and their applications to Art works (Leather works)
Scientific Activities of 2004
7-Taught and trained the Rural women in Qalubia for the environmental Art works & Folk Heritage
8-Held on Exhibition in a hall of Cairo Atelier entitled "The Folk Art in between form and Formulation"
Scientific Activities of 2003
9-Held an Exhibition for Environmental and tradiational arts
Scientific Activities of 2001
10-Held on Exhibition for wood works, Engraving and Bark inlaying
Scientific Activities of 2000
11-Participation in decorating the compus and validating Art competitions in Benha FSE
12-Participation in preparing Art Educaiton programs for the Bachelor Degree
13-Supervising the graduation projects of Art Education candidates and Holding Open Exhibitions in campus, Benha FSE
14- Preparing and supervising Art Exhibitions held by manshiyat Sabry society for Developing the local community
15-Held an Exhibition for metal works & Applied products
16-Held an Exhibition for metal works & Applied products
17-Held on Exhibition for Art and Hand arts entited "the master and his Apprentice students "Ashmun FSE, menufia University
18-Organized Art and Hand works of Benha University students
Scientific Activities of 1998
19-Participation in Field Trips to collect material Folk lores and tradiation plastic arts from Marsa Matrouh, Siwa, Om Assaghir Oasis, Sharkia, Halayeb & Shalatin on the Red Sea, Beheira, Resetta, Imyay and Al-Kharkaniya of Qalubia Governorate
20-8. Supervising and coordinating the preparation of the Folk Arts studies centre, Academy of Arts
Scientific Activities of 1996
21-Supervising the Teaching Practice program, benha FSE,
22-Effective participation in Art Educaiton Dept. Seminars
23-Participation in " Traditional crafts in Egypt: Now and Tomorrow" Forum, Supreme council for culture
Scientific Activities of 1995
24-Participating in preparation and coordination of the Folk Arts Exhibition of Ismailia International Festival
Scientific Activities of 1991
25-Participating in the preparation of Folk plastic Arts Exhibition, centre of Diplomats, Zamalek
Scientific Activities of 1980
26-Supervising and participating in Art Exhibitions in Kanfidha, Saudi Arabia,