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1. The workshop comprises a survey of fundamental theories and principles (positive and normative) of urban design and planning. Goals and objectivities of planning within the framework of the philosophy of planning are addressed. Circumstances that transformed planning activities are reviewed. 2009
2. The workshop discuse a review of planning and design methods in relationship to the process of urban planning and design that includes alternatives and evaluation techniques , and information system . Urban forecasting techniques for demography. Evaluation criteria and feasibility studies of urban design and planning studies are addressed. Geographic (urban) information systems are incorporated and used as a tool in the conduct of urban design and planning . 2008
3. Integrated urban models are essential components of this workshop where problems sets could be used to address interactions An analysis of land use inter-relationship in urban areas. The impact of land use budget and infrastructure provisions on travel behavior, activity location, urban form and household location decisions are examined. 2006
4. The Saudi municipal organization and its role in the planning and development processes, planning agencies and Saudi planning system concerning the planning process, control and enforcement all examined against theoretical discourse. 2006
5. This workshop will address selected generic or site specific urban planning and urban design issues in an integrated framework, aimed at attaining functional and aesthetics as well as livable urban quality. Analyses of case studies will be undertaken along with planning and design exercises which may cover such drivers issues as city center development and redevelopment; mixed use and joint development concepts . 2005
6. The workshop are briefly introduced the evolution of towns and built form . Emphasis is on cultural forces and geographic location as well as technological circumstances in urban development. Urban form is taught as an analytical tool rather than simply as a static typology of spatial configurations. While relating historical and temporal circumstances at the larger scale, at the micro level , 2004
7. The workshop examines urban renewal within its historic and institutional contexts with emphasis on selected physical and socioeconomic aspects of relevance to city redevelopment. The workshop covers a review of concepts , historical background and institutional development of renewal ;socio economic and legal concerns 2004
8. An advanced workshop on the site planning process and on the ecological inventory analysis and its applicant to site design. Elements to be investigated include physical and natural factors such ecology , soil ,vegetation , hydrology and climate and their linkages with visual aspects and synthesis for planning. Also included is a critical analysis and design review of various site development projects. 2003
9. A review of real estate market research in relation to land use regulations and plan processing . The selection of development and the treatment of urban landscape through the use of land development models (demand and supply models )is also included 2001
10. The workshop aims to study and analysis building laws and planning laws. Understanding the integrations between these laws . Recognize their impacts about urban patterns. The workshop are directed to analyze case study for two compounds in new cities and existing cities in order to understand all urban problems due to this application. 1998
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