Statement of Prof. Neama Abdl- Karim Ahmad Abd Al-Haris:

Personal Informations:

Name(Ar): نعمة عبد الكريم أحمد عبد الحارس
Faculty: Arts
Department: Psychology
Academic degree: PhD
Major Speciality: Psychology
Minor Speciality: Clinical Psychology
Current position: Prof. Emeritus
Office address: Elkalubiya_NewBenha,7faredNadaStreet
Work phone: 0133224718
Fax: 0133224718

Academic Positions:

Position Organization Country From To
Vise dean for Benha Univ. Benha 2005 2010
Vise dean for Benha Univ. Benha 2004 2005
Full Prof. Benha Univ Benha 2000 Until Now
Assistant Prof. Benha Univ. Benha 1995 2000
Lecturer Benha Univ. Benha 1986 1995
Assistant lect. Benha Univ Benha 1983 1986
demonstrator Alex. Univ. Alex 1976 1983

Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
- ICOPE 6th: NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY: College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Psychological Literacy around the World: Teaching, Learning, Design, with Research Topic: Knowing, Understanding, and Perception of Psychology in a University Students. 2014
- Second International Conference of Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th November 2013. Middlesex University Dubai with Research topic: The Efficacy of Behavioral Program in Reducing Hyperactivity of Autistic Children. 2013
- The role of psychologist in the development of clinical psychology. First Conference round the concerns of the psychologist. Nooralghad for special needs people 10/11/2010 Mesrata. Lybia 2010
- International Islamic Association: Program of Islamic Literature Method: 1 -3 March 2006 with Research Topic: Islamic Literature, Psychological, Mental and Linguistics Adjustment on Chronological Various Stages. 2006
- SAFA Conference (CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY CAMBRIDGE, U.K. July 2000 with Research topic: "Technology and Behavior". 2000
- One of the Organizers of Alexandria First Conference of Mediterranean, with research topic: Children's Concepts of How People Get Babies 15 – 19 Jan. 1994. 1994

Educational details:

Institution Degree Year
Ain Shams University PhD 1986
Alex Univ. MSc 1983
Alexandria Univ. BSc 1973

Memberships and Awards details:

Organization name Membership/Award
1) Egyptian Psychological Association memberships
RANIM Egyptian Psychologistis Association memberships
3) TOT circle 2005 memberships
4) Institutional self-Evaluation for higher Education Oct, 2009 memberships
Reviewer circle for external higher Education Dec, 2009 memberships
a. Certificate of Faculty of Arts Council of Mastering English on the Univ. level of assistants lecturers in 1976 Alexandria University awards
b. Certificate of Faculty of Arts Alexandria Univ. As a representative of higher studies 1976 awards
c. Certificate of appreciation of High Schools Directors for courses of training in Riyadh awards
d. Certificates of appreciation of Faculty of Arts. Benha Univ. for sharing , various activities , and as avice dean of Students and Educational Affairs since 2006 uptill now awards

Committees details:

Committee Year
1) Students And Educational Affairs ( vice dean ) 0
Research and higher studies 0
3) Research and higher studies and cultural relations 0
4) libraries ( head of library Dept. and libraries committee ) 0
5) Human studies center . faculty of Arts (member ) 0

Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2005
1-2. vice dean for Students and Educational Affairs
Scientific Activities of 2004
2-1. vice dean for Environmental Affairs
Scientific Activities of 7
3-3. Head of psychology Department


- Supervision on students training of Psychology Department, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, in Mental Health hospitals (El Nabawi El Mohandes, Nariman) and Factories from 1976 – 1981.
- One of the Mental Health Therapists Team (Health Ministry) EINABAWI EL MOHANDS Hospital team of individual, group, cognitive behavior therapy and consultants since 1986 up till now.
- One of the therapists team Health Ministry Monthly Conference of Mental Health.
- One of the Researchers team of Alexandria Univ. 1986 – 1995.
- Organizer of the Symposiums and Conferences, Alexandria University for Higher Studies and Mediterranean Sea Basin from 1986 – 1995).
- Professor of Mental Health, Faculty of Education for Girls, Scientific and Literary Departments, (Riyadh, K.S.A) 1995 – 2006.
- Supervision tracing on Master's and Doctorates Theses for Students, Faculty of Education for Girls, King Saud University, Riyadh 1996 – 2006.
- One of the Judges of Professor Promotions Riyadh and MECCA 2006.
- Member of EGYPTIAN Psychological Specialists Association (RANM)
- Member of Environment Friends Association in Alexandria.
- One of the Founders of Egyptian Psychotherapists Association [EPA] (GAM3N) recorded in 18 – 3 – 2012. No.4371