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Flexural behavior of RC beams containing recycled industrial wastes as steel fibers
Authors: Taha A. El-Sayed
Year: 2019
Keywords: Recycled industrial wastes, Steel fibers, Lathe waste concrete, Nonlinear finite element analysis (NLFEA), Ansys 14.5
Journal: Construction and Building Materials
Volume: 212
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 27-38
Publisher: Elsevier
Local/International: International
Paper Link:
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The research idea is based on the addition of industrial lathe wastes produced from the waste from factories and workshops in large quantities and redundant due to the series of lathing works. These lathe wastes were used instead of steel fibers, which were replaced due to their high price and difficulty in obtaining them. So, this study aimed to show the effect of recycled steel fibers from industrial wastes on the flexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams. A total of 9 (nine) reinforced concrete beams had been tested to investigate the influence of lathe waste on the deflection, cracking, ultimate load and failure pattern. Nonlinear finite element analysis was conducted using Ansys 14.5 to verify the experimental test program. Lathe waste increases the ultimate load of concrete beams. Test results indicated that the inclusion of lathe waste significantly improves the strength and deformational characteristics of concrete. Reinforced lathe waste concrete beams show less deformation than similar reinforced normal conventional concrete beams. Sensible agreement was found between the experimental and numerical results.

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