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Word by Mr. President of the University

Dear Sons and Daughters, Students of Benha University
Dear Colleagues, Faculty Members and Staff

It gives me much pleasure to welcome you and all visitors of the University's Electronic Portal which is a window of the University, its activities, achievements and services.

The University seeks to spare no effort for promoting its educational programs, courses and quality of its scientific researches and outputs. It seeks also to achieve the scientific partnership with public and private sectors as well as with the Arab and international research academic institutions to achieve its strategic objectives. It aims to graduate qualified human resources to meet needs and requirements of the labor market.

I would like to thank the Team of Electronic Portal which has been ranked as one of best 100 sites in Africa '94' according to Webometrics.

I seize this opportunity to call faculty members, assistants, and students to follow up the Site and send their proposals at

I also call all faculty members to publish their scientific outputs and different activities on their personal page at the Site..

I am pleased to receive proposals of faculty members and their assistants to develop the performance of University's faculties and departments which promoting the education and services provided to all students, faculty members, assistants, staff, and visitors.

Waiting for your proposals:

With our Best Regards,

President of Benha University
Prof. Dr. El-Sayed Youssef Suleiman Al-Qadi