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Faculty: Applied Arts
Program: metal products and jewelry
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 35
[MPJ 4122] Archeology entrance
[MPJ 2206] Color technology
[MPJ 2114] Coverage and deposition technology
[MPJ 1107] Coverage design and product appearance
[MPJ 2112] Currency and medal formation technology
[MPJ 2103] Currency and the medal design and symbols of appreciation
[MPJ 4103] Currency and the medal design and symbols of appreciation
[MPJ 4114] Design products metal economies
[MPJ 2118] Enamel technology
[MPJ 1115] Executive drawing
[MPJ 1203] Fashion
[MPJ 3116] Foundry technology
[MPJ 2102] Home and hotels equipments
[MPJ 4102] Home and hotels equipments
[MPJ 1102] Home and hotels equipments
[MPJ 2104] Internal and external lighting systems
[MPJ 3105] Jewellery design
[MPJ 1108] Metal formation technology
[MPJ 1101] Metal products design basics
[MPJ 1108] Metal products design display systems
[MPJ 4122] Metal restoration and clones production
[MPJ 3111] Ornaments formulation technology
[MPJ 1119] Plastic technology
[MPJ 3116] Plumbing technology
[MPJ 4113] Production and manufacturing technology
[MPJ 3109] Products and metal ornaments
[MPJ 1120] Properties and resistance materials
[MPJ 4704] Studies and environmental sciences
[MPJ 3704] Studies and environmental sciences
[MPJ 4106] Supplements design "furniture"
[MPJ 3106] Supplements design" clothing
[MPJ 4106] Supplements design" clothing "
[MPJ 3106] Supplements design"clothing"
[MPJ 4121] The ergonomics
[MPJ 3121] The ergonomics