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Faculty: Physical Education
Program: sports training
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 75
[STKI 4309] Applications of biomechanics
[STKI 4310] Applications of sports training methods
[STKI 4308] Applied Specialization
[ESPS 1105] Arabic language
[TGEF 2310] Artistic gymnastics (men)
[TGEF 1313] Artistic gymnastics (men)
[TGEF 3109] Artistic gymnastics (men)
[ESPS 1101] Assets Of Sports Education
[TSRS 2217] Basketball
[TSRS 1220] Basketball
[HESS 3102] Biology of Sport
[STKI 3216] Biomechanics in sport
[TACS 3106] combat and individual sports (arbitration)
[TACS 2307] Combat sport
[TACS 1309] Combat sport
[HESS 1216] Descriptive and functional anatomy in the sports field
[STKI 4214] Determinants of achievement in the field of sport
[HESS 2213] Education Health in the field of sport
[HESS 3213] Educational Textures
[ESPS 1218] English Language
[TGEF 1312] Exercises
[STKI 4311] Field Training
[CTEM 3310] Field Training
[STKI 3215] Foundations and theories of sports training
[TSRS 2218] Handball
[TSRS 1219] Handball
[ESPS 3217] Human Rights
[HESS 4106] Injuries and first aid in sport
[SPMR 1217] introduction in recreation sports
[SPMR 1214] introduction in the sports management
[STKI 2215] introduction in the sports training
[STKI 3103] kinesiology in the sports field
[CTEM 1215] Kinetic Education
[CTEM 1215] Kinetic Education
[CTEM 2104] Methods of teaching physical education
[CTEM 3211] Methods of teaching physical education
[CTEM 3101] Methods of teaching physical education
[TGEF 2311] Performances and Sports Festivals
[HESS 1103] Personal health of the athlete
[HESS 4213] Physiological basis of physical education
[HESS 4107] Physiological basis of physical education
[STKI 4102] Planning Sport Training
[SPMR 3105] Principles of statistics in physical education
[ESPS 4217] Psychological preparation of athletes
[ESPS 3214] Psychological training and sports competitions
[ESPS 4105] Psychological training and sports competitions 2
[TSRS 1308] Racquet SPORTS
[TSRS 3218] Racquet Sports (arbitration)
[STKI 4212] Scientific principles for the planning training loads
[SPMR 1102] Scouts movement and Camps
[STKI 4103] Selection in the field of sport
[TSRS 2105] Soccer
[TSRS 1107] Soccer
[ESPS 2216] Sociology sports
[ESPS 2102] Sport Psychology
[HESS 4218] Sports injuries and physical rehabilitation
[HESS 4104] Sports Massage
[TSRS 3107] Team sports (arbitration)
[CTEM 2214] Technology education in physical education
[ESPS 3104] Tests and measurements in physical education
[CTEM 4216] The nature and basis of motor skills
[STKI 4215] The principles and foundations of sports training for junior
[ESPS 3212] The principles of scientific research in physical education
[HESS 2101] The principles of sports physiology
[SPMR 2103] The scientific bases of sports management
[TSRS 1104] the Small and preliminary game
[TATF 2308] track and field
[TATF 1310] track and field
[TATF 3108] track and field
[TSRS 2106] Volleyball
[TSRS 1106] Volleyball
[TAWS 1311] water sports
[TAWS 3219] water sports
[TAWS 2309] water sports
[STKI 410] Ways and programs of sports training