Seminars and conferences
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Seminars and conferences

Workshop on students’ initiatives

The general administration for youth caring has organized it on Wednesday 11/3/2009

Veterinarians’ training on enhancing animal health and human

The third conference for veterinary “veterinary on education and human health with national economy”

Early divorce “facing and motivations”

Faculty of arts has organized it on Tuesday 3/3/2009

A memorandum between Benha University and Cairo University in open education

Under mutual cooperation between the Egyptian universities to offer new programs for open education this mutual memorandum has been done.

Life without smoking

A meeting on life without smoking has been held on Thursday in stateroom in Benha University under patronage of Alaa basyoni and actress Nashwa Mustafa
University security and exist or cancelling

It has been held on at 11:00 AM on Wednesday 18/2/2009 which held by Alhurria centre for human rights

The Egyptian identification

It has been held at 12.p.m on 18/2/2009 and its lecture was given by the poet farwk gwayda

Gaza events and national security

It has been held on 16/9/2009 in faculty of commerce

The international day for Lungs diseases

It has been held on 19/11/2008 and department of chest diseases has been selected for this meeting

The second scientific and mass meeting for heart problems

It will be held with the cooperation with heart problems department in faculty of medicine in Benha university and kolob masr assembly

The second training course on human rights

It has been held from 6 to 9 July 2008 with the cooperation of AUC

Staff members’ clubs minutes of general meeting of Egyptian universities

It has been held on 5/6/2008 in Benha university club’s resident

The annual women and birth diseases scientific conference

It has been held on Thursday 12/6/2008 in Benha university stateroom

Continually improvement quality and adaptation

It has been held under the patronage of quality center in Benha University on Sunday 25/5.2008 in stateroom of Benha University.

The scientific rendezvous about fertilizer and its effect on environment

It has been held on Thursday 12/6/2008 in faculty of engineering

Penal indication course in faculty of science

It has been organized by faculty of science to enhance students’ skills from 16 to 20 /6.2008

A meeting for protecting AIDS

It has been held in faculty of education on Thursday 28/2/2008

A meeting on constitution reforming

It has been held in faculty of law on Wednesday 21/2/2007

Filarial disease

The concept of it and its whole life period

The first scientific conference

It has been held in psychology department in faculty of education

A meeting on the black cloud and its effect on both society and environment

It has been held on Wednesday 5/12/2007 in conference stateroom on faculty of arts


Meeting and conferences

1- First mutual conference between faculty of nursing in benha and Helwan University with nursing sector
from 29-30 April 2009 at Hassan Hosni stateroom in Helwan university and workshops in benha university state room.

2- high education and its challenge with current events and cultural change 13-14 April 2009
this conference was held under auspices of  Qalybia governorate / Adli Hosein and Prof dr. Husam El attar president of benha university

3-scientific researches and its ethics
benha university has held it under auspices of Prof dr. Husam El attar university president at benha university stateroom on 6/4/2009 Monday

4- climate changes and its effects on Egypt
it has been held with Egyptian assembly for protecting environment and heritages at benha university stateroom on Sunday 5/4/2009

5-workshop for youth caring employees
benha university has organized a work shop for employees in youth caring on Sunday 29/3/2009 at stateroom of benha university.

6-arabian league parliament in benha university
benha university has organized a model for mutual Arab markets in Arab league from 24/3 until 26/3/2009 at the stateroom of benha university

7- first smoking purge in benha university
benha university has organized it on 17-31 march 2009

8-the Egyptian identity and public folk
it has been held on 18/3/2009

9-religious meeting on occasion of prophet birth

it has been held under auspices of Prof dr. Husam El attar at stateroom of benha university on Thursday 12/3/2009