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Effect of Planting Dates and Weed Control Treatments on Soybean Yield and Its Components
Authors: A M Hamoda; G A Sary; E Shokr; A Roshdy
Year: 2021
Keywords: Soybean; planting date; Seed yield; Weed control; Herbicide
Journal: Annals of Agric. Sci., Moshtohor
Volume: 59
Issue: 1
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Local/International: Local
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Two field experiments were conducted at Agricultural Research Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, Benha University, Egypt, during two growing seasons of 2018 and 2019 to investigate the productivity of soybean (Glycine max L.) under different sowing dates (May 5, May 20 and June 3) and weed control treatments (no weeding (control), two hand weeding at 20 and 40 DAP, and chemical control by the pendimethalin (omega herbicide) at rate of 1.7 L/fed and the oxyflurofen (goal) at a rate of 0.750 L/fed as pre-planting herbicide]. Results of the combined analyses of the two seasons showed that sowing in May 5 significantly increased weight of pods, No. and seed weight/plant (g) and seed yield (kg/fed) compared with other treatments. Each of the weed control treatments as spraying omega herbicide and application of hand hoeing twice increased weight of pods, No. of seeds/plant and seed yield/fed compared to their control and the goal herbicide application. The maximal straw and biological yield of 2907.51 and 4101.92 kg/fed, respectively were recorded following the application of the goal herbicide. Also, the interaction between earlier planting date (May 5) and hand hoeing twice recorded the maximum values for the number of pods (67.65 pod/plant), weight of seeds (19.63 g/plant), 100-seed weight (19.12 g) and seed yield (1427.67 kg/fed).Also, results show that soybean plants sowing in May 5 with hand hoeing twice or using weed herbicides led to increased seed yield/fed. And its components under experiment soil conditions.

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