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Dr. Ibrahim Abdelghafar Elsayed Khalifa :: Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
Application of chromatographic analysis in food industry (Fac., of Agric., Alex., Univ. with Mubarak city). 2015
Scientific research ethics (Benha University). 2015
Work with literature and citation (DAAD with Benha Univ,.). 2015
Proposal writing GERLS (DAAD with Helwan Univ,.). 2015
Competitive Research Proposal Writing (DAAD) 2015
international publishing at DAAD academy incorporated with Zagazig University. 2014
Biovesion conferences at Bibliotheca of Alexandria. 2014
Designing scientific poster (DAAD). 2014
Application of PCR technique and DNA isolation in food industry at Benha University " Training course". 2014
Scientific research marketing (Benha University). 2014
Electronic Portal (Benah University). 2014
Supporting for Scientific Project (Benha University). 2014
Scientific project writing (Benha University). 2014
Agricultural Residues Recycling (Benha University). 2014
The role of biotechnology in food production enhancement in regard to the research funding opportunity” in the Agriculture research center at Agriculture Research Center " Workshop". 2013
Scanning electron microscope and influential at Zagazig University " Training course". 2013
’’Researchers Guidelines Training Program: Basic Skills at Bibliotheca of Alexanderia " Training course". 2013
Application of HPLC and HPTLC for food analysis at Benha University " Workshop". 2013
Leading in times of change (DAAD). 2013
Principles of scientific working (DAAD). 2013
International Conference and Exhibition on the second of the grain industry. 2013
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