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Development of carbon—Low alloy steel grades for low temperature applications
Authors: ;Fouad Helmy;Mohammed Gamil
Year: 2011
Keywords: Low alloy steel Heat treatment Toughness Low temperature castings Temper embrittlement
Journal: Materials Science and Engineering: A
Volume: 528
Issue: 18
Pages: 6039-6044
Publisher: Elsevier
Local/International: International
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Abstract Low alloy steels are processed to fulfill the requirements of low temperature applications. Besides the chemical composition, the steel should receive a suitable heat treatment to ensure the targeted mechanical properties at low temperature. In other words, the steels are designed to delay the ductile to brittle transition temperature to resist dynamic loading at subzero temperatures. Steel alloys processed for liquefied gas pipeline fittings are examples for applications that need deep subzero impact transition temperature (ITT)

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