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Society as a force in shaping Architecture
Authors: Wagih F. Youssef
Year: 2016
Keywords: perceptual learning, rational method, contradiction, political act, adaptation
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Simple shapes with few historical allusions have been used to represent the machine age and modernity. People who are extrovert in terms of their actions on the environment tend to decorate their houses more than others who shape their values in order to attain their own ideals. The objective here is not to describe the ideologies of societies, but rather to identify the current thinking of the values that underlie and thus distinguish the work of different architects. We need to understand the potential and limitations of the behavioral sciences in clarifying the various normative stances that have existed in the past and the stances of different styles with manifest differences in perception, and the pattern preferences of the designers. The important thing to remember is the limitation of the designed environment as a force in shaping society and to recognize that every act of design is a political act.

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