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Multimodality and Meaning Potential of Movie Posters: An Interpretative Approach
Authors: Yasmeen Elsayed Azab
Year: 2022
Keywords: Adaptation, Advertisement, Movie Posters, Multimodality.
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Pages: 267
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As a type of print advertisement, posters are considered one of the vital elements of graphic arts and powerful visual communication mediums to advertise movies. Therefore, this research is dedicated to investigate movie posters of Hollywood and their Egyptian replica to unearth the degree of adaption as well as the similarities and differences between them. In order to achieve these goals, this dissertation adopts Multimodal Semiotic Theory as a theoretical framework, and applies the models of Kress and van Leeuwen's framework, Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design (2006), and van Leeuwen's framework, Towards a Semiotics of Typography (2006) to ten pairs of English and Arabic posters. The data are divided in to five categories: Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller, and Fantasy. Each genre comprises two pairs of posters. The research reveals strong resemblance between Western-made posters and their Egyptian replica. The dissertation ultimately proves that despite the presence of this strong resemblance in the Egyptian posters, there are also authentic and creative posters which are localized and domesticized to suit the Egyptian spectator as well as the Egyptian society.

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