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Prof. Alaa El-Sayed Abdel ghaffar :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Effect of B-blockers on ejaculation and semen quality of rabbits Completed
Studies on the effect of auto plasma on repeat breeding in cattle Completed
Studies on the environmental causes of anestrum in buffaloes Completed
Utilization of artificial insemination in Menofia Completed
Diagnosis of infertility problems in cows by ultrasonography Completed
Effect of storage on viability and fertility of buffalo frozen semen Completed
Improvement of fertility in buffaloes by using some drugs post-breeding Completed
Effect of synchronization on estrous detection and fertility in buffaloes Completed
Improvement of viability and fertility of bovine frozen semen Completed
Assessment of the fertilizing capacity of male goats Completed
Some studies on the follicular fluid in buffalo cows Completed
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