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Circularly Polarized Chamfer Shaped DRA Array
Authors: Abdelhady, M.; Noha A., Shaymaa G.
Year: 2017
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: NRSC 2017
Volume: Not Available
Issue: Not Available
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Publisher: IEEE
Local/International: International
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A novel of circularly polarized aperture coupled chamfer shaped (CS) DRA array, is presented to achieve wide-band circular polarization with high gain and broad-band matching. The optimized single element accomplishes 7% 3-dB AR bandwidth. The array structures are built from four closely identical elements to improve matching, gain and enhance circular polarization. The proposed array exhibits 46% broad-band matching and promotes 38% 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth by applying the sequential phase feeding technique. The gain is increased from 6 dB for one element to 10.5 dB for the array. In addition, the radiated field patterns are symmetrical around broad-side direction with side-lobe levels below -15 dB. A radiation efficiency of 87% is achieved at 10 GHz. A 2 × 2 array elements with size of λo × λo at 10 GHz has been investigated and verified using full-wave analysis with good agreements.

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