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Weighted feature voting technique for content-based image retrieval
Authors: Walaa E. Elhady, Abdulwahab K. Alsammak and Shady Y. El-Mashad
Year: 2018
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Int. J. Computational Vision and Robotics
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Pages: Not Available
Publisher: Int. J. Computational Vision and Robotics
Local/International: International
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A content-based image retrieval process is used to retrieve most similar images to a query from a large database of images on the basis of extracted features. Matching measures are used to find similar images by measuring how the query features are close to features of other images in the database. In this paper, a multi features system is proposed which incorporates more than one feature in the retrieval process. The weights of these features are calculated based on the precision of each feature to reflect its importance in the retrieval process. These weights are used in a weighted feature voting technique to incorporate the role of each feature in extracting the relevant images. Also, different distance measures are used to get the highest precision of each feature. The results of applying the multi-features and multi-distances measures technique outperforms other existing methods with accuracy 86.5% for Wang data-base, 86.5% for UW database and 85% for Caltech101 database.

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