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Real Time Trajectory Tracking Controller based on Lyapunov Function for Mobile Robot
Authors: Mohamed Elsayed; Abdallah Hammad; Ashraf Mohammed Hafez; Hala Mansour 0 Recommendations 0 new 1 Reads · 2 new 127
Year: 2019
Keywords: Trajectory tracking, nonholonomic robots, dynamic Modeling, differential drive, Lyapunov stability, mobile robot
Journal: International Journal of Computer Applications
Volume: 168
Issue: 11
Pages: 1-6
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science
Local/International: International
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An important issue in robotics research is path tracking control where the robot is required to follow a certain path. The error between the desired path and the actual path is to converge to zero. This problem is more complicated when the robot dynamics is considered. This paper proposes a real time trajectory tracking control for a differential drive wheeled mobile robot (DDWMR) in obstacle-free environment. The robot is guided to follow certain reference path with a pre-calculated velocity profile. The controller design and analysis of the system stability are guaranteed using Lyapunov stability theory. The dynamic model of real DDWMR is derived and used in the LabVIEW simulation environment for testing the validity of designed controller. The obtained simulation results illustrate the success of the proposed controller. Also to Test the effectiveness of proposed controller, a comparison study with a widely used backstepping based controller is performed.

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