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Quadcopter Trajectory Tracking Control using State-Feedback Control with Integral Action
Authors: Ahmed Samir; Abdallah Hammad; Ashraf Hafez; Hala Mansour.
Year: 2019
Keywords: Quadcopter, Realtime, Tracking, Navigation, Trajectory, Modling, State feedback
Journal: International Journal of Computer Applications
Volume: 168
Issue: (9)
Pages: :1-7
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science
Local/International: International
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Trajectory tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is a very challenging and complicated field of research due to their nonlinear and underactuacted dynamics. In this paper, a real time trajectory tracking controller is developed for a quadrotor. A state feedback with integral action control scheme is designed for the position controller to ensure that the quadrotor can track the reference position rapidly. The quadrotor dynamic model is established using Newton-Euler formalism taking into account various physical phenomena that can effect its dynamic behavior. NI-LabVIEW based simulation results show that the proposed controller can make the quadrotor tracks the desired trajectory quickly and smoothly with ensuring the stability for roll and pitch angle.

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